Independence Day: Resurgence


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Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pablo Martin Podhorzer ([email protected]) 3 / 10

Don't go to watch this at the cinema

It has two good CGI scenes, which you can watch at home some months from now. The rest is garbage. The movie was cut in pieces that do not make any sense. But the complete edition is probably not better. It is BORING, and eminently stupid. Characters explain to the audience the basic plot five minutes after exposition time. It is an indictment of what film executives think about people. It is terrible. This movie needs to bomb, it needs to crash, it must be the point where the madness of the vapid blockbuster ends. Watch again any episode of "Game of Thrones" instead. Again, I repeat this point: it is not even fun in a dumb way. It treats you as a very slow person. You can feel the people responsible for this laughing at you. Make it stop. Don't go to the cinema.

Reviewed by randahl-935-28881 1 / 10

Not for the intelligent viewer

This is one of those movies where the grown up audience knows after 5 minutes, that the target group is teenagers. Even in the middle of the movie's major crisis, the whole world pauses, as two young characters have to talk intimately, because it is just so important, for she's hot and he's so cute, so the less important end of our civilization will just have to wait.

Unlike many famous sci-fi movies, this movie is not true to science at all. If some young script writer thought that it would be "dope" for gravity to be "defeatable", then gravity is "defeatable", whatever that means. Small objects that are hidden can be monitored in detail by the good guys, while objects the size of a continent are completely undetectable. There are dozens of these examples where the movie makes no sense.

The humor in this movie has no finesse. Watching it is like being at dinner with the distant uncle who is not funny but keeps cracking jokes, though no one is really laughing but him.

Most of the time, the dialogues sound like a wacky parody, in the way Doc spoke with Martin in Back to the Future. They even copied the Doc character so directly, that there is an actual long haired, wacky old man in a lab coat talking in a nutty way while experimenting with sci-fi technology.

One thing does work, though, the computer graphics are impressive. Most of the time, the visual and audio effects really shine. It is just sad that an obviously huge gift budget was spent fully on the wrapping, and very, very little was spent on the gift inside.

Reviewed by thesar-2 1 / 10

ID4get This Insult

No wonder Will Smith didn't return; he must've read the script. IF there ever was one.

I cannot recall a film I have seen in five years that I didn't think to myself: "I HATE THIS MOVIE" over and over throughout. And that started approximately five minutes in and all the way to the end.

Independence Day: Resurgence was one of the most horribly spliced together movies I think I've ever seen. Scenes just began and abruptly end and then back and forth to the point you have no clue where anyone was or cared who lived or died…including all the countless self- sacrifices. And apparently, I'm not alone as probably one billion people die in this film and yet, barely anyone blinks an eye and even continue on with their lazy jokes that never work.

The movie takes place in today's time, 20 years after the 1996 attack and believe me, if you didn't know the original took place in 1996, they'll remind you 12 times. The acquired alien technology changed the face of the Earth, but made everyone even dumber than before.

Sure enough, the aliens return and supposedly, humans are ready, but not really and things kind of, sort of fall into place to try and combat the returning aliens. (I wrote that sentence all over the place and if you're unfortunate enough to see this, you'll understand why.)

Gone was the heart of the original. Vanished were characters with depth. And worst of all, a coherent story was lost someplace – if it ever existed. The only two things that remained were some of the original's characters who didn't even seem to want to be there and the speeches in the most inopportune times with zero meaning or punch.

I did laugh out loud at more than a few scenes due to their absurd attempts to make us care and at other times, I flipped off the screen on how continuously angry I got. The movie was so ridiculous at times, I kept expecting Adam Sandler to show up with some of his just as lame jokes and fall-down pranks. But even he and his sordid career are, laughably, above this mess.

Not only should this movie be avoided, but it should be pulled from theatres immediately or, at least, come with a warning: If you loved the first one. Go home and watch that. Forget this ever existed.


Final thoughts: "We had twenty years to prepare. So did they" is the movie poster's tagline. I disagree. The real tagline should've been: "We had twenty minutes to both write a script and edit the film. We apologize."

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