Infinitely Polar Bear


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
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Zoe Saldana as Maggie Stuart
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Keir Dullea as Murray Stuart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James De Bello 7 / 10


Despite being a little too by-the-book and repetitive,"Infinetly Polar Bear" is a pleasing piece of narrative that succeeds thanks to a brilliant portrayal and definition of characters.

As stated above the film isn't that fascinating or riveting of a drama. It hits the same note again and again and does not stray away from it almost anytime. It is generally predictable and the dramatic texture isn't as intense as it wants to be,it kind of hits you very light. Moreover there are situations that are overplayed a little too much in the beginning which gave the movie a hard time at getting started and being believable, yet fortunately it picked up immediately as soon as these couple of scenes ended. So to sum it up, it simply doesn't give the necessary gravitas and intensity (both comedic and dramatic) to the situation for it to be as riveting as a drama as it could have as it could have been and I should add that I think that the cinematography partially contributed to this: it doesn't have enough style or distinction for it to stick out, leaving it in super generic dramatic territory and palette and it has a variety of camera movements that get distracting and aren't integrated well enough in the story. It could have really sparked had their been some distinctive look and approach in my opinion.

Despite all of negatives above, this movie really succeeds in making you care about the characters, sticking with them and ultimately giving you a true emotional link. That is undebatable thanks to very good work from both Saldana and Ruffalo and especially the two girls playing their daughters. But even more than that I believe that in the end it is the script that makes you really care because of how well it defines characters, situations and overall story arch. There maybe not enough originality in storytelling or some non-clarity in the bipolar aspect of the film, but man do the characters stick out and make for a pleasant view and journey, culminating in a finale that got me more than I imagined.

Reviewed by (mockpossum) 4 / 10


I really thought this movie could be awesome, I love Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana's pretty cool, the kids looked cute and I love indie movies and movies that are set in the 70s. But there really wasn't much to like about this film.

As a previous reviewer said, the way that manic depression is depicted in this movie is too glib. Having a severely mentally ill person as the guardian of two children is more of a tragedy than a comedy. The movie kind of suggested that having a bipolar parent would be like a fun roller coaster ride with lots of exciting moments and singing.

The most surprising element of this movie was that the children's characters were made to be so unlikeable. The two girls were extremely self-absorbed, cruel, and annoying towards their mentally ill father. I kept thinking that I would also go insane if I had those two for daughters. They whined and complained through the entire movie. The mentally ill dad would try to do something positive, and his daughters would scream at him, put him down, tell him his ideas were stupid and refuse to help. They seemed to be actively provoking him at times.

I didn't get the point of this movie. I liked the costumes and the set design, but the story was really sub-par.

Reviewed by Christian 9 / 10

Infinitely Personal With Wide Appeal

Maya Forbes writes and directs a personal story of bittersweet childhood living in livid conditions with her sister, mother and eccentric bipolar father. A landmark first feature that has enough laughs but loads of conflicting emotions.

Zoe Saldana is a strong presence with her loving/loathing/longing and everything in between character. The ideal mother of her time and circumstances and the wife a man would fight for.

Mark Ruffalo is at the centre of it all with his charming, childlike and exuberant portrayal. He master the manic episodes, the frailty, the fears, the hopes, the joys and the underlying deep love for his wife and kids.

The kids, one played by Maya Forbes's own daughter, are really adorable and act at a very high calibre. Creative, funny, aware and awkwardly accepting their weird family antics with a touch of rebellion.

Ultimately most of the credit is due to Maya's inventing and passionate storytelling in its form, content, message and lasting meaning. A film that is very human and difficult, but finds glimpse of beauty in little things that we should all hold dear.

An easy but complex crowd-pleaser with much meat and mastery for the critics and film aficionados.

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