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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lee Rushlow 2 / 10

Trivial in every respect

It was hard to sit through so much stupidity--stupid ideas, stupid actions (such as repeatedly gambling away any chance of successfully launching a product or, for that matter, saving an important relationship), stupid business dealings. I had hoped for some redemption, but alas, the end product of all the travails was, at best, trivial. The characters were trivial, with trivial dreams and goals who wanted nothing other than financial success at any cost. And what are viewers ultimately rewarded with? A talking bottle opener. Great. That really made it all worthwhile. Sell a billion of them, and it's still trivial.

"And what did you do with your life, Dad?"

"I was the brains behind the Talking Bottle Opener!"

Reviewed by fnorful 7 / 10

light but serious

I saw this movie at the 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival, where it bore the honor of being the Opening Night flick. As such, it worked well, being an accessible, pleasant crowd-pleaser. Based on producer Mike Cram's own story, it follows the travails of several young adults seeking to make their own way in the business world by marketing their own inventions.

Dallas Roberts as Matt, Ayelet Zurer as his wife Gina and Jeremy Renner as business partner Sam make up an interesting triangle (of sorts). We are thrown into Matt and Sam's business with opening scenes that represents the failures they have had up to this point: numerous failed "can't miss" inventions are mentioned, we find they are not at all business-savvy as they are involved with a unctuous telemarketer (played with a shark-wide smile by Richard Kind) and we find out about their shared gambling addiction. Oh, and Matt gets his ideas by standing on a small mountain surrounded by numerous communication dishes and "listening". Gina provides the regular income in the family, and has been through enough as an addict's co-dependent. She gives Matt his last "last chance", putting us into the heart of the story.

There are enough unpredictable elements to provide a good narrative structure, with pretty good acting all the way around. The film was fine technically, I was told a story and I cared/knew about the characters. I especially liked the scene of "grand-theft cactus" and the conclusion up on Matt's mountain, ambiguous in a satisfyingly Indie way.

Lightbulb delivers a good package of entertainment, some comedy and a load of empathy for anyone who has endeavored to make their own way in the world.

Reviewed by tucsondave 8 / 10

Very Entertaining

I saw this at a special showing at The Loft (one of the best independent theaters in the country) last month. While everyone in the theater had a special affinity with the film (it was shot entirely in Tucson and every street scene brought a gasp of familiarity from the audience), there was more to the buzz than just local pride. The story is believable and fun, and while some of the circumstances might have been exaggerated, the characters ring true and there is a wonderful spirit that flows through the entire production. It's the kind of film that doesn't seem to get made these days, and it sat in unedited limbo for quite a while waiting for financing to finish it up. I can see why, because the marketing will be tough since there is no obvious target audience. But when it shows up in wider spread distribution, go see it. It's an evening well spent.

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