Inside Out


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Diane Lane as Mom
Rashida Jones as Cool Girl's Emotions
Amy Poehler as Joy
Bill Hader as Fear
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericchiang-97782 1 / 10


This movie was just disgusting. First off, there are so many other terrible review giving this one star, and many people find those reviews helpful. The movie only stars like 4 or 5 emotions in people's heads, 4 or 5, I forgot, and frankly don't care since this movie was complete garbage. I "watched" this movie at a potluck at a friend's house but ended up playing ping pong with a friend the whole time since the movie failed to attract my attention. This movie is not suitable for kids as well. I do not understand why it is on the IMDb top 250 list, it should be on the bottom 100 list. This movie can scar kids and make some people actually depressed. It is quite depressing that there are such limited emotions and little activity in the brain expressed in the movie. I was actually depressed after watching this movie and found myself in a bitter state lacking interest in activities I usually cherish. Why? Because this stupid movie is trying to tell me what is in my brain and is completely corrupting. I was emotionless after the movie just like how the movie is. I'm sure the disgust emotion in the movie would be disgusted at the movie.

Reviewed by Jayda Wiser 1 / 10

Very boring for a children's movie

I had high hopes of Inside Out before heading to the movie theater to go see it. The movie had lots of promotion on TV and Disney Channel where kids mainly go to see the exciting movies coming to a theatre near them. Needless to say, I was highly disappointed in this movie.

I have to admit that the idea of the story was great and very creative, especially to young children. Other than that, the lack of character development and no good plot development ruined the entire film for me.

Almost the entire movie consists of Joy and Sadness walking around that large area of Riley's memories, attempting to find their way back to headquarters, while the other emotions nonchalantly mess everything up (I don't get why Joy was the only emotion with some commonsense). Of course, along the way, they met a spunky elephant (mixed with some other animals) who managed to make situations worse more than making them better, and of course, he had to die at the end because, reality check, it's a Disney film. And their goal is to somehow make you cry one way or another. I just didn't get how the elephant disappeared so quickly, considering he hadn't been down the forgotten memory abyss that long. If the memories died so quickly like he had, why were their thousands of old grey memories still intact?

Anyway, that's only a small screw-up compared to the rest of the movie. I felt like I had been constantly waiting for more character development for Riley but once again, I was let down. The entire movie revolved more around the emotions more than Riley, who from the trailer, seemed to be the star of the show. I could go on and on about the huge flaws and plot holes but I only have a limit of a thousand words. Do yourself a favor and spare the $7.50 and wasted hour that you'll never get back. I wouldn't watch that movie again if my life depended on it.

Reviewed by texxas-1 1 / 10

I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone, let alone children

The trailer was so misleading. It portrayed the film as funny, but this film is anything but.

It starts off where 11 year old Riley moves from Minnesota to California which she is unhappy about. She gets to the gloomy grey house in a gloomy grey street and you feel her depression and disappointment. It was California but there was no sunshine to speak of. You wouldn't expect this kind of bleakness in a film aimed at young people let alone children.

The film barely gave Riley any screen time and spent most of the time on emotions Joy and Sadness, who were both trapped outside brain headquarters and trying to get back. Sadness has to be the most annoying, unlike-able character. On the way they meet Bing Bong, Riley's old imaginary elephant friend. Seeing him cry because he's sad Riley no longer plays with him made me cry, but it gets worse, when he and Joy get trapped in a dump and both try to escape, they can't get out together because he's to heavy,so he let's her go alone, she looks back to see him disappearing into thin air while saying "take Riley to the moon for me". This was a Bambi sad moment. We never get reunited with Bing Bong and never see or hear from him again, this is such a downer, he was innocent,helpful and likable.

There was one scene where Riley introduces herself to her new classmates and then bursts into tears because she didn't want to be there, I couldn't help but think this was an overreaction. Since Joy and Sadness were no longer in her mind she's only left with Disgust,Anger and Fear (these characters had nowhere near enough screen time and were much more entertaining than Joy and Sadness). She decides to steal money from her mother and run away back to Minnesota, but as soon as she's on the bus, Sadness and Joy have made it back to headquarters and Joy orders Sadness to do her work. Riley suddenly feels sadness and realising she'll miss her family changes her mind and runs back home. As soon as she sees her parents she starts crying and says she doesn't like living here. Her parents comfort her and the film ends there.

So the moral of the story is its okay to cry and that all our emotions are important,even the bad ones. If Riley didn't feel sadness she would have never seen sense and went ahead with her stupid plan and probably end up being raped and murdered.

Once the film is over you don't feel happy, nothing good really happened it was just wall to wall misery. Bing Bongs death, Riley being isolated from her parents, ditching her hobbies, losing her two important emotions, losing her old friends, hating her new house, eating lunch alone at her new school and running away. This is a Disney film right? Talk about putting bad ideas in children heads. After the film was over I felt sad for the rest of the day and night. I wish I never watched this.

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