Insidious: Chapter 3


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 67601


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Angus Sampson as Tucker
Dermot Mulroney as Sean Brenner
Stefanie Scott as Quinn Brenner
Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Snaggletooth . 1 / 10

Insipidous - gawd, another one.

Oh my. I have to be honest here, I found the first Insidious hilarious, as it wheeled out every spook house trope in the history of horror cinema and then topped it off with a cameo by Darth Maul (as we all know), so I avoided part two like the plague as I really didn't need any more old Amityville throwbacks in my movies. So now its part 3 and a friend dragged me (quietly) kicking and screaming to see it and I honestly did hope things had improved. But.... Nope. This was quite easily much, much worse than the first one. For a start its a long time before anything even happens apart from some silly muddy footprints around a house and some dreadful SFX which are nothing more than actors covered in some grey greasepaint. The acting is incredibly hammy with heaps of cheesy dialogue (that guy from Sex & The City being the worst) then its time to bring in (wait for it.........) the paranormal investigation team!!! Yes, it's really THAT original. Once again we have a plot development used in like 1000 ghost house movies since time began (yawnnn) and I find it incredible how anyone can find any of this horrible tosh original. On then to a (much expected seance) and the ham and cheese really gets ramped up. I mean who are the audience for Insidious? They clearly know little about horror of the past (you just can't know anything and not see this film as rehashed dirge). I saw films exactly like this in the 1970s for goodness sake. But hey, maybe this film is for the newbies, maybe I'm missing the point. But for anyone else this is a tired, played to death, remake of a pile of old dusty movies that most of us really don't need to see again. Insidious is about as original as acne and I certainly enjoyed playing spot the movie watching it. And guess what? Darth Maul appears again. Yay!! We missed him (you gotta wait til the end though).

Reviewed by Laura Fitzgerald 6 / 10

Disappointing but not awful

Not a terrible movie by any stretch of the imagination, but sadly nowhere near the standard of the first two Insidious movies. I found the characters pretty flat and uninteresting and the story less imaginative than the previous installments.

That said, as a stand alone it's not a bad horror film, especially considering it was a first attempt at directing by the guy who usually does the screenplay. I will admit to jumping out of my seat on more than one occasion whilst watching. It certainly doesn't lack in scares, what it does lack is depth, there isn't enough going on between the "jumps". By all means, go and see this film, just don't expect it to match the brilliance of the first two.

Reviewed by FubarSFBD 2 / 10

complete garbage

Insidious 3 is a pointless and unnecessary sequel (actually, from a story perspective, it is supposed to be a prequel, although it honestly does not matter how you place it in the overall story line, because it has nothing to do with the 1st two movies with the exception of few actors and a forced "cliffhanger" ending), which only serves as a cashgrab attempt to milk whatever is left of the franchise's name. There is absolutely nothing scary in this one, if you are one of those people who actually get frightened by the predictable, lame, cgi jumpscares, then you have no idea what a real horror movie looks and feels like. The story makes no sense, there is no explanation as to why the girl gets haunted, other than the excuse that she tried to contact her dead mother and now some entity has attached itself to her. The entity itself is not scary and at the end lets go of her in the lamest way possible. Speaking of the end, it changed the tone of the film completely and turned it into a lame romantic family drama which felt corny and out of place. The two "dudes" with the internet show that "tried" to help were ridiculous and overall I was under the impression that the movie crew had no real idea if they want to make a scary horror movie or a parody of some sort. Like I said in the summary - complete garbage, horror fans - avoid, there is nothing original or remotely scary to see here.

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