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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 5 / 10

Bad enough to make one doubt IMDb ratings forever

Divergent was not brilliant, but it was your average young adult movie. Insurgent is way below that. It is so bad that I wanted to leave the theater and read my book.

But anyway, let's talk about the movie. In the first film Tris learns she is special, in the second she learns she is *very* special, but just if her boyfriend lets her do anything. Seriously, I actually had to ask my wife if girls like guys like him or is it just the submissive fantasy of the author. Apparently, a lot of girls like overbearing assholes who think they know what is better for you. And guess who makes her appearance in the sequel? The mother in law!

Bottom line: the sci-fi aspect of the film was marginal, the characters clichéd to the point of monomolecular cardboard and the basic story was learning to accept yourself as your boyfriend tells you what to do while he deals with his mommy issues. I am not kidding: the most sympathetic character in Insurgent was Peter, the asshole who always insults and betrays everybody.

P.S. The Erudite test was remembering something that had happened to you two nights ago? Really? That's what makes you smart?

Reviewed by EdinBajric 1 / 10

Do you have 119 minutes to waste?

On what grounds does this movie have 6,9 rating on IMDb? This insults the intelligence. Shailene Woodley has no character and acts like she is first time in front of the camera. Action is meaningless. This is what happens when you run out of ideas. 45 minutes before the end I wanted to quit, but...I did not do it. Why? Because I had hoped it will improve, and then... nothing. This is the most honest opinion about this movie that I was able to give you. Now, I'm asking you, do you have 119 minutes of your life to waste? Oh what, you do not believe me? No problem! Just remember what I told you and come back after you watch this piece of abomination. As regards of Kate Winslet, first I have to say that I'm fan of her earlier works, but this is something else. This she did not need. A huge step backwards in her career. As someone (Author: siderite from Romania) already said: "Bad enough to make one doubt IMDb ratings forever".

Reviewed by prospectus_capricornium 5 / 10

Messy Plot and Underutilized Great Actors

'INSURGENT' picks up shortly after the events in 'Divergent' with obvious intentions to maintain, if not, speed up the momentum of the franchise. There's no doubt how fascinating the 'Divergent' universe is, and while it shares almost the same elements that made many of the YA franchises today, successful, the movie has its own unique facets to separate itself apart. Unfortunately in Insurgent, those elements aren't effectively explored and utilized.

Once again, movie makers fall prey to this mentality or should I say practice, that seems to highlight the film's visual panache, but dismisses the utmost importance of effective storytelling. I think I've gone redundant here, but to be honest, Insurgent is no different, and if you'd allow me to make this honesty, even brutal, this Divergent sequel tracks a deteriorating trajectory, and you can imagine how the franchise is set to get even worse, knowing the last book of the trilogy is going to be split into two movies. This doesn't surprise me at all, given the fact how film makers has been consistently regarding these popular franchises as merely cash cows.

In Insurgent, the plot thickens, and not just that, it branches out to several sub ones. That's when the film begins losing its grip around the central story, giving way to subplots that don't make sense at all, if not barely. As she searches for allies, crossing one faction's territony to another's, our titular heroine, Tris, finds herself in a cat-and-mouse chase with the enemy, in this case, Jeanine (Kate Winslet)—a name that Veronically Roth seems to suggest to be perfect for a character she molds as a super-villainess that embodies terror (am I being sarcastic? of course Lol..)—and her loyal erudite followers. Tris maintains reluctance, but when Jeanine turns toward her loved ones, our heroine succumbs and surrenders herself to the enemy. (this is so new).

INSURGENT draws in more actors on its payroll to play new characters, but barely utilizes them up to their full capacity. In the end, it's Shailene Woodley that mostly does her job as the central character. On the film's key moments, she undoubtedly shines, only her efforts aren't enough to place the movie's charm to the same level as hers. No thanks to the chemistry the film seems to suggest Four and Tris have, because I don't think I felt it—it was missing. The action sequences are well played, I must say, and the visual effects borders extravagance, but against a weak and unfocused narrative, INSURGENT is a film you better just wait to come out on DVD, instead, and not one to waste time and money on. (not unless you're planning to critique it the same I do)

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