Into the Forest


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10

Boring, Senseless and Stupid

In an isolated house in the woods, a widower (Callum Keith Rennie) lives with his daughters Nellie "Nell" (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood). When there is a power outage in the area, they have problems to get fuel and supplies in the nearby town. Soon there is a general power outage and the family stays isolated without means of transportation. Out of the blue, the man has an accident with a chainsaw and dies. Now the two girls have to learn how to survive in the wilderness.

"Into the Forest" is one of the most boring and stupid films recently released. The performances are good but the situations are impressively absurd. There is no explanation for the power outage. The girls have just five liters of fuel, and one of them wants a share to use in the generator to listen to music and dance. The same girl is raped and prefers to bring a baby to a world without any perspective. Leaving the house in the rain to deliver the baby inside a tree is ridiculous. But burning their house to the ground because of the smell to stay in the rain with a baby, food, books and pictures and improvise a camping tent in a tree is absolutely nonsense. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by pastorcat 1 / 10

A metaphor for wait, not a metaphor, just plain stupid.

There are spoilers here, beware!

End of the world. What do you do. These girls, practice modern dance. Study for final exams. Argue a lot. Eat some beans. And in the film's final scene, burn down their house and relocate to a tree the rain...with a newborn, and a mission. What that mission might be isn't expressed, but a good guess is, it begins by building a house.


Unfortunately, these buffoons use their last remaining gasoline to set fire to all their food, tools, and building materials. Metaphor for young women birthing a new world? No! Cartoon level stupidity overwrought by wholly unnecessary mellow drama that isn't only boring, it's unbelievable.

Reviewed by vegicat 4 / 10

Boring, Nonsensical, Complete Waste of Time

I watched this movie because I saw that someone had compared it favorably to The Survivalist. Um, no.

Something about the characters just wasn't sympathetic, even though the film tried hard to make you feel sorry for the sisters.

I didn't understand why the one sister wanting to dance relied on electricity. Last time I checked, you don't have to have electricity to dance. People who love dancing can dance without music, and can dance in the dark. Heck, she could have danced outdoors if she really wanted to.

The movie really didn't show the sisters working all that hard, so it was hard to figure out how they managed to grow enough food to eat for months at a time. Then, suddenly the one sister has to go kill a pig in order to provide some B12 for the pregnant sister, claiming it's only found in animal products? No, it's found in soil. Where do you think animals get it from? They don't manufacture it themselves. And, if they were eating so much food they grew themselves, they should have been getting plenty of B12. The scene with the gutting of the pig was completely unnecessary. We're supposed to feel sorry for the girl, because it's gross, but we don't. Also, how did she carry that huge boar if she had hurt her back?

The rape scene was also pointless. It should have been cut to a tenth of its length. Nobody wants to see some chick's face in the dirt howling for an eternity. We get it -- she's been raped.

All in all, the sisters just make a bunch of poor decisions. I won't even go into the ridiculousness of burning down your only shelter to go give birth in a tree stump. They learn nothing throughout their ordeal, and the movie is just plain boring.

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