Irrational Man


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cb2369 8 / 10

A Pure Woody Comedy At Top Form

I saw this movie today and it was just a breath of fresh air. In this era of political correctness and the consequent surge of tragicomedies that seem to be made to drive home the point that everything in life must be serious, Woody, in his infinite wisdom, has prescribed us a style of comedy often hated, misunderstood, and forgotten: the murder comedy a la Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux. I haven't laughed this hard at someone trying to kill another person since Preston Sturges's 1948 film Unfaithfully Yours, even though it's ultimately a much more understated English style of humor (very Comedy of Manners-ish.) As such, it doesn't surprise me that Irrational Man has been hated by most critics, since they are likely to fall into the trap of expecting that this movie will be one of the aforementioned tragicomedies, and thus simply think it fails to deliver. Instead, here Woody seems to find comedy in everything from Kant to sexism to suicide to faculty gossip, and as a consequence, the movie ends up as loose as his "early funny movies," unfortunately adding just another layer that might further confuse audiences. Essentially, if you don't find the satire quick you just won't understand what you're watching. On the actor side of things, Stone and Joaquin really kill it. It almost feels like they can turn the intensity up as easily as turning a knob, and there are three moments when you really get a sense of how far they can go.

This will certainly be on a list of Woody's most underrated movies in ten years time if the bad reception it gets doesn't slow down, and I hope that people will take the time to realize just what this movie is because I think they'd really have a good time watching it.

Reviewed by Felonious-Punk 7 / 10

There is no one like Woody, the closest thing is Hitchcock

Woody has such a full body of work that's stretched for decades, there is hardly anyone to compare him to. That being so, it's even interesting to think about people's reactions when a new one of his movies is released. After watching a new one, the most vocal people tend to try to rank it either at the very top or very bottom of his movies. I think that does the movie-watching experience a disservice.

There's very much to like about this movie and just as many ways to watch it. For one, it's like a classy fun witty and romantic Hitchcock movie, albeit transposed coolly and beautifully to the present-day. For two, Khondji's cinematography is an absolute afternoon delight. For three, the three leads are brilliantly cast and played. For four, it's a fun movie about an ethical experiment. For five, it's a fable-like tale of good and evil, safe and daring. For six, it's a very intense story of girls and women, and the very harrowing gulf between. For seven, it fits majestically within possibly Woody's most noble ambition: to have the same movie be as good a comedy as it is a tragedy as it is a story of triumph, in other words, it's an ambitious script. It's an ambitious script also because of the shifting of narrator throughout, and the way each shift pulls at our sympathies. I was laughing at the same time that I was biting my nails and trying to remember to breathe.

We're truly blessed to be able to watch these when they're new! Future generations will envy us, the way we might envy people who were there to see the new Hitchcock or even the new Chaplin.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

One of the best laid out movies ever!

I just love the whole plot of this movie.

Joaquin Phoenix plays a brilliant and drunken philosophy professor who contemplates the perfect crime as a way to get a new jolt of energy to his wipe out existence.

Woody Allen is not really my cup of tea, but I dig some of his work. The movies that jump out at me that I really like are Magic in the Moonlight that also stars Emma Stone and Midnight in Paris.

What I saw of Irrational Man on the surface that was being portrayed in trailers is nothing compared to what was being passed off as the real plot of this movie.

Phoenix give such an magnificent performance I feel that it's more his vehicle than a Woody Allen movie. Adding to his performance was what he shaped his body into, which was ironically impressive. I can't remember the last time I saw such a fat gut being exploited in a movie, It literally help him to become the center of attention.

Similar to the Hitchcock classic, Strangers on a Train (especially in plot), The movie gives a very interesting take on the perfect crime. It's not coming from a cops perspective at all, or about solving the perfect crime, It's all about the emotion of the man who tries to commit such a crime, and how easily he can blend into our society.

It starts as very lighthearted movie about a self-loathing over thinker and then turns really dark without actually becoming dark.

It made me laugh and it held my interest. I'm very impressed with what Woody Allen put together.

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