Island of Death


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by motown_23 ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Fun film for all the family.

A seemingly normal couple, Christopher and Celia, arrive on a small, remote Greek island. Though we soon find out that this couple aren't very normal at all. They start to kill the inhabitants of the island that Christopher sees as sinful in some very imaginative ways. We then later find out that this couple are even less normal as they are brother and sister.

As a video nasty I really wasn't expecting much at all as the majority of them are terrible. I was extremely surprised to find that Island of Death is a very good film. The acting is atrocious but that's to be expected. The girl that plays Celia makes up for her terrible acting by being amazingly good looking and she spends a lot of the film naked so that's a pretty good thing. Its just a shame that this was the only film she was ever in. I wouldn't have minded seeing her naked in a few more films.

The couple really go on a rampage on this small island. First we are treated to a guy who Celia seduces, being nailed to the floor by his hand and is force feed paint. We then have a gay couple who are killed by a sword and a gunshot to the head. I cant remember the order of the rest of the kills but we get a police officer who is sent to the island to get the couple, being hanged from the wing of an aeroplane in flight. Check out the obvious dummy in the wide shots. There is an older woman who Christopher first urinates on and after a while she quit enjoys it. She is then beaten, taken outside and is beheaded with a bulldozer. Another great scene shows a lesbian heroine addict being burnt to death with an aerosol flamethrower. All of these scenes are very imaginative but the effects are not too great.

There is also an extremely strange scene where the obvious psycho Christopher goes into the garden of the house he is renting and has sex with a goat. It all looks laughably fake but make amusing viewing. There is also a strange scene where they have sex in a phone box and Christopher decides to ring his mother back in London to tell her exactly what she is doing. This all shows what a deranged person we are watching. A small thing I liked about the film is the sound of a camera taking a picture during some of the transitions. That was a nice touch and goes well as the couple are constantly taking pictures of the thing they get up to.

The dialog in the film is at best terrible but this adds to the amusing viewing. Often the actors fumble their words as if the director would never take a second take.

Despite the bad acting and terrible dialog, the film is extremely amusing and entertaining to watch. Anyone that is a fan of horror should find something to love, or rather be disgusted about.


Reviewed by The_Void 9 / 10

Deserves it's cult status as one of the more nasty Video Nasties!

Island of Death is the Video Nasty equivalent of the story of Bonnie and Clyde. This film has an elevated status on the Video Nasty list as it's often seen to be one of the more nasty entries. This is certainly true, as the film features all manner of gory and sadistic sequences, and it really isn't hard to see why it got banned. As far as I'm concerned, Island of Death is an absolute treat, as the film is a constant stream of highlights and it's a great deal of fun seeing our central couple skipping from one murder to the next. It's obvious that the film is not meant to be taken completely seriously, as director Nico Mastorakis implements a pitch black sense of humour into most sequences; the fact that the central duo are complete and utter hypocrites is perhaps one of the most amusing things about the film. The plot simply follows a young British couple who travel to a small Greek island. After a phone call to the man's mother, it soon becomes apparent that these aren't normal people; and when they start murdering their way through the island's perverted inhabitants in the name of God, this notion is confirmed!

The film is notorious for a few scenes, the one involving a goat being of the most well-known. However, aside from this; the film features a plethora of gory highlights to delight the exploitation fan, favourites of mine involving a man hanging out of a plane and a rather one-sided swordfight. As you would expect from a Video Nasty, the acting is rather poor; with the central duo putting in particularly horrid performances. It really doesn't matter, however, as director Nico Mastorakis makes up for his actor's lack of talent by selecting a beautiful lead actress; and the stunningly clean Greek locations, which brilliantly offset the gritty scenes of slaughter. Films like this are quite common, as aside from Bonnie and Clyde, we've also had Badlands, Natural Born Killers, True Romance and more; but this is the one that is relentless and really gives the audience the impression that anything can happen. The film boils to down to an excellent climax, which delivers a brutal final twist to the tale as well as serving up comeuppance...well, almost. Typically for this film, the comeuppance isn't dished out in the most immediately obvious way, and overall; for its imagination, brutality and daring - I don't hesitate to recommend this film!

Reviewed by dbborroughs 6 / 10

Better than average, still watchable, greek gore

This film touts that its been banned the world over and its easy to see why, its a film that plays with your head from beginning to end and leaves you feeling unwell for days. Odds are if you see it you'll understand why people don't want you to see it.

The story of a pretty young couple on vacation in Greece turns more and more twisted as time goes on. Rape, murder, sadism and a few other delights get taken to the next level as more and more depravity is revealed. The film was made with the intention of disturbing the viewer and it disturbs almost from the outset as things very quickly are revealed to be seriously amiss. Its gets to the point where you're sitting on egg shells waiting for the next terrible thing to happen.

You'll forgive the lack of details but anyone who is interested in seeing this are best left to fend for themselves. I think that plot-wise the less known the better so that you can truly enjoy, if it is enjoyment, the twisted twists.

I don't know if I like it or hate it. The film certainly provokes a reaction but I'm not sure thats a good thing or bad thing. Certainly its not for anyone with gentile sensibilities. Its well made but beyond that you're on your own.

6 out of 10, though I'm not sure how to fairly rate it.

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