Island of the Burning Damned


Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Christopher Lee as Godfrey Hanson
Peter Cushing as Dr. Vernon Stone
Jane Merrow as Angela Roberts
Percy Herbert as Gerald Foster
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Reviewed by Nugget-2 10 / 10

Why don't they make them like this any more?

Okay, so the monsters look like badly fried eggs, and the scientific explanation of their arrival is pretty laughable, but still, you just can't beat the rural-island-in-peril formula! The acting in this is pretty good, and the characters seem to have a great deal of depth (cf Peter Cushing's role.). It's a pity that the British film industry gave up on a cult and, in my opinion, enjoyable series of horror flicks. "Island Of Terror" being another example of this genre...

Reviewed by Alex da Silva 6 / 10

Enjoy this classic cheapie!

Something strange is occurring on the island of Faro in the British Isles. Whilst temperatures on the mainland are cold, the temperature on this island is mysteriously increasing to an unbearably hot level.

Pub owner and novelist Patrick Allen (Jeff Callum) holds court to the cast that includes his pub landlady wife Sarah Lawson (Frankie), new secretary Jane Merrow (Angela), doctor Peter Cushing (Vernon Stone), scientist Christopher Lee (Hanson), villagers William Lucas (Ken), Kenneth Cope (Tinker) and Thomas Heathcote (Bob) and a few others.

There is a body count that piles up as people become incinerated after hearing a high pitched sound. The script-writers wisely kill off a comedy tramp figure early on in the film but it's then a lottery as to who is next.

The film's interest comes from the love triangle between Allen, Lawson and Merrow and contains, apart from hilariously frank dialogue (see summary), quite a gripping dramatic moment between Lawson and Merrow. Another moment that sticks out in the film is when Allen confronts Lee about his anti-social behaviour. Once again, we get some 'no-holds-barred' dialogue that progresses the plot and swings the audience to Christopher Lee's favour (previous to this point, he seems like a dick). We now want to see Allen and Lee working together.

It's a shame but the film's finale plays out like a below-par 'B' movie with no suspense and an ending that just happens. It could have been so much better. If you are frightened by pace-less fried-egg jellyfish, then you won't be disappointed. It's a better drama than it is a horror.

Reviewed by The Welsh Raging Bull ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Give 'Night of the Big Heat' the cold shoulder!

The short-lived Planet Productions managed to get the great Terence Fisher and Peter Cushing together again (like 'Island of Terror' a year earlier). Even Christopher Lee was persuaded to take part in this science-fiction flick!

This effort was actually filmed in February/March 1967 and, as such, would not have been a particularly comfortable film to make (the cast were covered in glycerine to create the sweaty effect!).

Fisher manages to create a suitably isolated feel to the whole film - the inhabitants, who literally "live in their little old world" are cut off from the rest of civilisation.

However, as with films of this kind, the low budget decidedly restricts the scope of the film. There is a ton of exhausting dialogue at the inn and the characters are not particularly interesting.

Peter Cushing's character of Dr. Stone gets very little screen time and it is strange not to see Cushing at the climax of the film!

Christopher Lee walks around very sternly, not particularly masking his discomfort well at appearing in such a film.

The creatures responsible for causing the heatwave in the film are cheap and nasty creations, that do nothing to enhance the credibility of the film.

Ultimately, despite the fact that the film is well-intentioned, it is far from Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee's best!

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