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Maika Monroe as Jay Height
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pratiksha Sahu 1 / 10

Watch a porn instead!

This movie was pointless. The beginning has no link with the movie. you might try to co-relate it to the movie the whole time and at the end you realize how much time of yours was wasted. the movie shows kids making stupid decisions which were again very pointless, leave the viewers trying to figure out the significance behind each action of theirs. you might expect a satisfactory suspense but no the movie ends abruptly leaving you wonder why on earth did you waste your time on it. I'd suggest you to watch a porn instead, would save you your time and of course relief from unwanted drama. I love horror movies but neither this movie gave me those jump scares nor this movie had a logical plot. Such a boring piece of work.

Reviewed by realitycomments 1 / 10

It really is as silly as the premise.

I watched this even though I thought the premise was absurd. I went by the reviews.

The characters make the typical stupid choices unlike the Gieco commercial.

I don't think I can spoil this. A group of teens with no adults is what this centers on.

This is more time than I wanted to waste to warn the more sophisticated horror fans to not waste their time. I wish someone warned me.

I don't understand why people wrote that it was an old fashion horror. There is no CGI, special effects, nor is it a slash and hack so maybe that's what they mean by like the 70's.

The only thing that reminded me of older horror films was the obvious low budget.

The acting was good enough ... but the premise is so stupid and everything else was not strong enough to override that.

Reviewed by lucyvillaz 1 / 10

If you are looking for a horror movie DON't WATCH!

This movie is about kids just going around having sex to pass on a ghost that no one knows where it comes from or how to get it of. There's no real story to this. Also these kids are teenagers and there's no parents around, ever! The movie never takes off, it's slow and boring, There's no scary parts, unless you are 10 and get scared with a ghost that takes weeks to get to you. The plot is poor, there's no real dialogue I could've been watching a good movie with a good ending that didn't leave you hanging the way this one did. Worst two hours of my life. I can't even laugh at this movie because there's not enough interaction or dialogue between the actors. It was a bad movie, although the acting was somewhat OK, but since I didn't like the whole dialogue of the movie and their interactions I can't really say much about their acting. I'm trying to be nice here. But seriously. WATCH SOMETHING ELSE!

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