It Follows


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hassan Saleme 1 / 10

It Follows... but I didn't

First of all, I can't believe people are giving this 10/10.. this proves some people do not know what a good movies is. COME ON! Plot, I will summarize the damn movie, a creature is following a girl who had sex with a guy. Girl tries to get rid of it, she fails. THE END There is no explanation to what "It" is. Why would she break a girl's leg and kills her, while killing another guy through humping his soul out. What is It after. Why would the victim team up to watch their own backs, since the death of one would mean the hunt for the other begin. So many question marks everywhere, so many illogical things happening. If I were followed by It i would at least look around or choose to travel in an airplane every few weeks. There is no Coherence in this movie. The ending was just horrible.

to top all of that, some reviews say its the horror movie of the decade. Really?? Does that mean you didn't watch any other horror movie in this decade?

Reviewed by laszlo-janszky 1 / 10

Worst movie I ever watched till the end

It's hard to tell anything. The whole story is that some zombie like creature follows and kills people who have had sex with each other, so it is something like an STD. I guess the thing is envy because it rapes the victims, ohh and it is supernatural!, because it is invisible to not infected ones and it cannot be killed by headshot unlike regular zombies^^. What a brilliant idea, truly amazing! pff... That's all, no more, no less.

As you can see that story is really bad, actually there is no real story, just these 2 sentences. There are many logical flaws in the movie, for example kids have been shot with pistol, but the doctors don't bother to call the police or talk with the parents that they should not let kids play with the guns. Another strange thing they repeat multiple times, that somebody broke into the house, but no adult is ever home, only kids, always. The thing can throw ~50kg bodies like puppets, but it cannot walk through a closed door made of approx 0.5cm thick wood, it has to knock. In one of the last scenes it climbs through fences, breaks in secret facilities, or something like that, it swims, and so on. So it behaves really inconsistently, and people behavior is far from realistic. I assume the authors did not really know what they wanted. The acting is more or less okay, they are kids, so don't expect too much. I would rather blame the director and the script writer. (If there is one, I am not sure about that.) I watched it only because I was able to skip the boring parts with double speed and because I thought there will be some explanation at the end. I was mistaken... I could have slept for 2 hours instead. :S

Reviewed by Amanda Lantz 1 / 10

It Follows... is just horrible.

This movie is so f. boring from the start until the very end.. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep. I mean, a sexual transmitted curse in which a ghost that can look like anyone follows you... walks after you everywhere you go.. Walks.. really slow.. and if it catches you it kills you. "Oooo".

How is that scary? Haha. Other than this you get no backstory and I felt they only ran around in circles trying to defeat this thing, by that I mean trying the same things over and over even though it did not work the first time... hilarious in a way. Such a stupid story, with bad acting. Not once was I scared and I watched it alone. It was not at all worth my time. Don't watch it.

To be honest I don't get how anyone can think this is anything other than trash. If you want to get scared for real I'd recommend Dead Silence (2007) or Grave Encounters (2011) some of my favorites in the horror genre.

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