It! The Terror from Beyond Space


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Ann Doran as Mary Royce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rabh17 8 / 10

20 years before Ripley told everyone to shut-up

I dug this one out of the dust bin and was quietly amazed at the simple, yet straight on-target focus of this movie. Yes-- Alien borrowed the basic setup from this 1958 setup. And yes-- Alien did it BETTER, ICKIER, and SCARIER. But hey, this was 1958!

The script is actually very down to earth and intelligent. The snippets of Sci-Fi Factoids actually made sense for what people popularly knew about Mars back then. The women were still women of that era, but they were intelligent and level headed. No Screaming. No fainting. No Falling down and spraining of slim ankles because of fashionable stiletto heels.

The fact that the movie is B&W is a plus in terms of the monster and the make-up. Let's face it-- in most scary movies, the scariest moment is when the camera is DARK and there is almost no color. Here, the shadows hide that fact that the monster is a guy in a heavy rubber suit. And in 1966, this movie frightened me enough to keep me awake all night.

Fun spots:

1-- Guns, LOTS of handguns, Rifles, grenades, crates of 'em-- gods, they even got a BAZOOKA! And they're shooting them all off inside a tin can in Outer Space. Man, they built them thar spaceships like battleships! And they're ALL good shots because not one single bullet ever sets fire to a VITAL control panel. Wow!

2-- The women pour coffee and make sandwiches for the men. Ah. . .Heaven!

If you and your friends are Sci-Fi buff, despite being dated, this 'B' Classic is worth a Saturday Night Oldies Flick.

Just ask POLITELY: Girls, can we have some sandwiches?

Reviewed by José Luis Rivera Mendoza (jluis1984) 6 / 10


When one watches a 50's space movie, it's very easy to make fun of how outdated they are. Of course, now that we know how to travel to space it is easy to say it, but in those movies, they had to imagine how would it be to do that. It's unfair to judge them with the knowledge we have now.

With that said, I think that "It! The Terror from Beyond Space" is one of the best 50's space horror b-movies that was done in those long lost years. Sure, under our conception of sci-fi the movie is seriously outdated, but judging it in its time frame, it was a very good movie in its day.

The story is as follows: In 1973, the first mission to Mars failed, so another spaceship was sent to rescue the crew . Only Col. Edward Carruthers is found alive, and thus is the only suspect of the murders of the rest of his crew. But Carruthers claims that he was not the killer, something else did, and now it is inside their ship.

Suspense and mystery are handled very well in this movie, with a script that later was used as inspiration for the highly influential "Alien" more than 20 years later. Sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby creates a very well thought plot that, while it has typical 50s odd one-liners, it still moves straight-forward and both the plot and the characters are developed to a good level.

Certainly, the acting is not the best, and maybe this is were the film lacks quality. Nevertheless, Marshall Thompson as Col. Carruthers, carries the film with grace as the main suspect of the killings.

The SFX are of mediocre quality even for its age, nevertheless, director Edward L. Cahn does the intelligent thing and keeps the creature in the darkness, making the menace of what lurks in the shadows a more powerful presence. Black and White photography helps with the task, and gives the film a noir beautiful look that in color would not had worked that good.

To summarize, it is a very outdated film, but if you want to know how were space horrors in the years before Apollo 11, you will be surprised at how good it is. Also, this film is a MUST see for fans of the "Alien" series. Among the best 50s B-movies. 6/10

Reviewed by movielover200 9 / 10

Highly enjoyable!!!

It! The Terror From Beyond Space is simply one of the best B-movies from the 50s. This film would actually be considered a classic (rather than just a cult classic) if they just took out one of the parts of the movie where the zipper on the creature costume's back is clearly visible for about two seconds. The idea that inspired the later-on Ridley Scott thriller ALIEN (1979). A crew of astronauts from Earth are on their way home from Mars, where one of their crewmen was later strangely found dead after they went exploring. On their way back, they realize that a horrible Martian creature that feeds on blood has stowed away on their ship, and they won't be reaching Earth for DAYS!!! Highly thrilling and enjoyable, especially if you watch it with friends at night. Also recommended is THE ANGRY RED PLANET (1960) which is another early sci-fi film, with plenty of flaws.

Grade: 9/10

MPAA Rating; not rated

My Rating: Ages 7 and up (terror, some violence)

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