It's Complicated


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Lake Bell as Agness Adler
Meryl Streep as Jane Adler
Emily Kinney as Waitress
John Krasinski as Harley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cliffgold-1 6 / 10

Conflicted about "Complicated"

I am conflicted about "It's Complicated." As you would expect, the acting is impeccable. Three exceptional actors (Queen Meryl, 30 Rock's Emmy winner Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin) ply their craft perfectly. She is Jane, a late-50s divorcée, luxury bakery owner, and mother of three grown kids. Jake (Baldwin) is the cad of an ex-husband who remarried a much younger woman, Agness (played by Lake Bell) but who remains close to the kids and even to Jane. Martin plays Adam, the architect who has designed Jane's dream home addition, which includes the kitchen she always wanted (a nod to her turn as Julia Child in Julie & Julia). When the whole family goes to New York for the youngest child's graduation, the chick flick begins. The kids go off to a party, leaving Jane to dine by herself in the hotel restaurant/bar. Jake is there alone, too, since his wife and her precocious son conveniently stayed home when the kid got sick. Surprise! Jane and Jake end up drinking and eating at the bar, having a good old time and landing in the sack. The PG bedroom scenes are the best in the movie.

As the trailer depicts, the two start an unusual affair, she feeling guilt, he having second thoughts about his new marriage. Jane confides in her best friends (played by all-star veterans Rita Wilson, Mary Kay Place and Alexandra Wentworth), who are totally superfluous to the film, and her shrink, all of whom encourage her to pursue her indiscretion. Enter Adam, a wild and sensitive guy, as the nice guy Jane needs. He and Baldwin are polar opposites. By now, we all know where the film is headed.

So what's not to like? Plenty. Writer/director Nancy Meyers hates philandering men. Fine. So why is Jane's character painted so sympathetically? She's doing the same thing to Agness that broke up her marriage and sent her into a 10-year skid. Meyers, who also directed chick flicks "What Women Want," "Something's Gotta Give," and "The Holiday," lets the movie lag for almost 20 minutes in the middle. I wanted to scream: Move it along! The film doesn't hit its stride until 75 minutes in, propelled by an unlikely scene where Jane and Adam share a joint and make fools of themselves at a party. Lastly, just when you think the movie is going to give you an unconventional ending, it doesn't. I adore the actors, like the genre, bought the premise, and ultimately was disappointed.

Reviewed by Philby-3 6 / 10

Its simple, really

"It's Complicated" is pretty simple, actually. Successful Californian food store owner Meryl Streep has been happily divorced from her former husband Alex Baldwin for the last ten years, but on a trip to New York to attend their son's graduation, she starts an affair with him. He happens to have re-married, to a younger woman, while she becomes involved with her architect Steve Martin. Will Meryl and Alec get back together again, or will she set off into the sunset with Steve. ​What will the children think? Do we care?

Well, not a lot. The lifestyle depicted is one in which everything is perfect, especially the cast's complexions. There are no human imperfections depicted, unless you count lust. All the characters, with the partial exception of Meryl, are stereotypes – people from Advertising land. In real life things are much more complicated.

That said, this is a superior piece of its type and it passes the watch test (I didn't look at my watch while viewing it). True, I could watch Meryl reading the phone book, and yes the dialogue was witty and the set pieces funny, and I had some guilty enjoyment from all the affluence. But really it was all too sweet, like Meryl's chocolate cake. Alex Baldwin does a passable LA lawyer while Steve Martin seems to be in the wrong movie.

Reviewed by Lwind54 5 / 10

Review: 2 thumbs up

Congratulations on a film that is truly funny and well done.

Divorce is tough; relationships after divorce are sometimes even tougher; laughing about it is key to getting on with life. Saw this movie at a post-production screening in Thousand Oaks CA on Wednesday, October 21. The welcoming crew said we were the first audience to see this movie.

Alec Baldwin (Jake) was perfectly scripted and his physique makes the movie funnier. His scenes in the fertility clinic, on Jane's (Streep) bed with a laptop; and as a 'sexpot' were rolling on the floor hilarious. Steve Martin as a serious and considerate architect was also well-casted. Even as serious as he was most of the time, we laughed at his lines and situations. Meryl Streep: what can I say? Always classy, always professional. Even in funny situations. Jake and Jane's kids were great (especially the future son-in-law as he tried not to "spill the beans" and choice of pajamas).

I'm over 50 and would be interested to hear what people under 30 think of this film. Two thumbs up!

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