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Michael Biehn as Lawrence Kell
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James Hampton as Mayor Jack Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rkrainak 2 / 10

This movie couldn't have been worse (Highlander fan?)

This movie was pathetic in every way, and everyone that wrote a good review, let alone a great review here should have their head examined.

The sound (all speaking parts) were re-done so amateurly in a studio (maybe) with the reverb set so it sounds like everyone is in a toilet talking.

The sepia-tone is just cheap camera work and the acting horrendous as well as the dialog.

Did I leave out the obvious fan-connection that the writer had to Highlander? The main character is Jacob Kell (see Highlander:Endgame) and his dad inherits the MCLEOD house?!!! Gee, how unoriginal! Who did Michael Biehn agitate enough to get a part in this wreck? Houston, you aren't a movie town if you think this is good.

Reviewed by gsh999 8 / 10

Deserves a much better rating

I would actually rate Jacob at a "7" but I added an extra star because I feel the current rating below five is far too low. I just watched the movie on Netflix and, as it ended, I said, "Finally - a good movie!" I thought the acting was fine, especially the guy who plays the sheriff. Some of the other "redneck" characters pull it off very well, also. This is obviously a low-budget film, but I feel they did very well with what they had to work with. I do not like idiotic "slasher" movies like the Friday the 13th series, and I do not consider Jacob a slasher flick. The title character goes on a killing spree toward the end of the movie, and a flashback recalls his father's rampage in a local bar, but the violence and light gore is not the movie's main appeal. The mystery about a supernatural force can remain a mystery - not everything needs explained. The father obviously dabbled in the black arts and that's really all we need to know. Some supernatural force is apparently present in the old house and with Jacob and Sissy. The real story is the reason for Jacob's killing spree. I recommend this movie to horror fans, like me, who do not enjoy mindless slashers flicks.

Reviewed by keshnaitenrut 5 / 10

Great potential with bad acting

This film had great potential to remind viewers of some of the horror greats like Jason or Michael. Instead it fell flat with disappointing performances from all but Grace Powell and Dylan Horne. Terrible camera work, bad sound broke any immersion that might have been possible. But sadly the first thing I noticed was terrible make up. I have seen first year make up students apply better make up than this movie had.

The biggest problem was that nothing made sense. The violence was barely explained, though a back story is mildly flirted with. The only reason even mildly hinted at is a mental handicap. However, that feels like a cop out from a writer that lost the story.

All things said and done budget problems like shoddy camera work, terrible effects, and bad make up can be forgiven. If there is a well thought out and intriguing story to watch. Unfortunately this film fails in all categories.

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