Jamesy Boy


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Rosa Salazar as Crystal
Taissa Farmiga as Sarah
James Woods as Lt. Falton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob Shank 8 / 10

Sensitively done

In spite of some of the violence (not too graphically displayed in most scenes), the film was well-and-sensitively done: realistic, well- considered, edited and displayed. Although I'm not a fan of that specific genre of music, it was well-chosen for the film (nice 'trailer song'). I'm recommending it because I believe the producers and directors had a genuinely-interesting story to tell. They chose good actors, researched the history, and made action and sensitive moments believable. The time-line was a little tough to follow at first, but you eventually catch up with that. They did it well. ~Bob Shank, Tucson AZ

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 7 / 10

Never really feels as good as it should be, and leaves you a bit empty.

One of those life in a bottle, kid goes to jail and learns to be a real man movies. This one is based on a real guy, and sometimes seems very real, but other times it seems more like an amalgam of stereotypes, and prison horrors. This is a good movie, most of the time, just not when it really should be. I felt at times that there was just way to much time spent getting the dramatic shot, that the story, and the characters suffered. Which would not have been so bad if these dramatic shots didn't appear to be in a lower grade of film. I Enjoyed the movie as it was presented over all, there is a nice transition of the life in side, and the life outside beginning, and ending in parallel with each other, however the movie's film quality is a lot lower than it should be, it feels like art house film, but with great acting. So I do recommend this movie, it just isn't much more than a Hallmark movie of the week level of overall that you end up with though.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 8 / 10

This isn't a perfect movie but I do recommend this & was surprised by how good it was. A lighter version of American History X

"I don't think I let the people in my life down by making the wrong choices. I think I let them down by convincing myself I never had a choice to begin with." James (Lofranco) has been in and out of correction facilities his entire life since he was 8. After his latest stunt lands him in prison he looks back over his life and his choices. He sets out to straighten out his life, but it's not as easy as he was hoping. I knew nothing about this story going in. Once again though the fact that this is a true story made me more excited about it going in. While not nearly as powerful the movie did remind me a little of American History X in the the way that a person can live his life one way without apologizing but when removed from that life he realizes the error in his ways and tries everything he can to change. There are some pretty big names in this movie but the kid that plays James is a perfect choice and really carries as well as outshines everyone else. While this is in no way a perfect movie I do recommend this and was surprised by how good it was. Overall, a lighter version of American History X that I recommend. The fact that this was a true story helped as well. I give this an A-.

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