Jarhead 2: Field of Fire


Action / Drama / War


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Bokeem Woodbine as Danny Kettner
Stephen Lang as Major Gavins
Cole Hauser as Navy Seal Special Ops Fox
Esai Morales as Captain Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alisdair Edmond 7 / 10

Pleasantly surprised.

When I first saw that there was going to be a sequel to Jarhead I already felt disappointed, I was a huge fan of the first movie and did not feel it ever needed a sequel. Hearing that it was action in this movie made me even worse as one of the main themes of the first Jarhead was the lack of action.

However I must say after watching this I would say I was pleasantly surprised and do not feel it soiled the Jarhead name like one of those sequels that makes fans pretend it never happened. It started off slow and uninteresting. I thought the main character himself was quite underdeveloped but once this movie gets going you do start to care for these characters. I think the main character could have been a lot more human than just being a marine as I couldn't relate to him. Warning lots of Hu-Rah's and Hell Yea's.

The script itself could have done with a little more polishing with some scenes feeling they could have had more of an impact but there is some intense scenes in this movie which is what I like in an action movie. There was one or two cliché moments but aside from that this was a pretty strong movie. It carried some important messages about how bad situations build great bonds. It also has the sort of Saving Private Ryan "How can one person be so important" cliché. It still pulls it off though.

So go into this with an open mind unlike me. Go in and just have a good time with this.

I personally don't mind if more Jarhead movies come out now as long as they all carry different messages and they are made to be stand alone movies.

Reviewed by blackacid 5 / 10

Mildly Entertaining Nonsense

If Jarhead was a subtle, slow-burning study of the Middle Eastern occupation through the eyes of a grunt, Jarhead 2 is the complete opposite.

It's an entertaining if dumb action flick but has very little in common with reality or common sense.

Ambushed on a supply run, a team of marines switches their mission object to keep an Afghan woman out of the hands of Taliban with the help of Cole Hauser's NAVY Seal.

The acting is fine and the action is well shot, if totally preposterous with overkill.

I can't claim to have served in conflict, but I'm pretty certain soldiers on both sides wouldn't frequently waste RPG's just to blow up one person armed only with a gun, instead of disabling vehicles and such, for which these weapons are designed. A lot of the action pieces seemed designed for cinema gore effects only and pretty much took me out of the reality that the rest of the film worked hard to achieve.

As did a point after a gun fight where the soldiers opt to walk to their destination through hostile territory, instead of commandeering the Taliban cars.

It wasn't the worse movie, and for the most part was exciting enough to hold my attention, but it could have been a lot better had it not been for nonsensical movie tropes that burst the bubble.

Reviewed by Jeremy_2014 2 / 10

So far off from realistic

If you are just seeking Hollywood action this is right up your ally. If your'e like me and wanted something realistic and a true military movie then move on. This movie has so many military errors it aggravated me more than entertained me. There were scenes where Marines ranks were not on their uniform. A corporal was called sir constantly throughout the film. They fired an M203 grenade at a taliban member no more than 20m away and it exploded when it hit the man. These grenades are made to not detonate that close. Also the fact that they wasted the 40mm grenade on a single man instead of blowing up the truck with a machine gunner in it was far from realistic. Also an RPG was fired and supposedly exploded the entire building they were in and set it on fire and only the one man that the grenade hit directly died, not the Marine three feet from him. Lastly, the weapons the Marines had were fully automatic M4 and M16 platforms and while they do exist they are not used by US Military. This movie was made for people that just wanted action without any realistic backing. It isn't a bad story it just was not done with the accuracy that should be expected. I didn't have too high of expectations but I was still let down.

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