Jaws of Satan


Action / Horror

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Christina Applegate as Kim Perry
Norman Lloyd as The Monsignore
Diana Douglas as Evelyn Downs
Gretchen Corbett as Dr. Maggie Sheridan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) 5 / 10

Admittedly, not very good, but not all that bad either.

A king cobra being transported by train to a carnival supposedly becomes the resting place for Satan himself. And in this form, Satan has the ability to command other slithering reptiles to do his bidding. This company of snakes arrives in a small town to disrupt the lives of the locals, among them irreverent priest Father Tom Farrow (Fritz Weaver, "Creepshow"), dedicated doctor Maggie Sheridan (Gretchen Corbett, "Let's Scare Jessica to Death", 'The Rockford Files'), and herpetologist Paul Hendricks (Jon Korkes, "Syngenor").

"Jaws of Satan" certainly wears its influences right on its sleeve, including the naming of the Hendricks character. It plays like a cross between "Jaws" and "The Exorcist", except without the level of craftsmanship in those two classics. It's directed in very workmanlike fashion by TV veteran Bob Claver, in what appears to be his only feature film. The shocks aren't anything special, nor are the suspense scenes, but at least the animal action is well executed. If this low budget production at least *looks* very good, that's due to the contributions of the great cinematographer Dean Cundey and camera operator Raymond Stella, two guys who did some of their best work for the director John Carpenter. The music score by Roger Kellaway ("Evilspeak", "Silent Scream") is quite good, and the movie does have an atmospheric opening. The similarity to "Jaws" itself is quite obvious in the way that the mayor (Jack Gordon) and businessman Matt Perry (Bob Hannah) don't want public fears about snakes to interfere with the operation of their brand spanking new dog racing track.

Some of the supporting cast is rather nondescript, but things are held together by a highly engaging Weaver. Diana Douglas, whose son Joel was the production manager, co-stars as the doom sayer Evelyn Downs. A very young Christina Applegate makes her film debut here, playing the daughter of her real-life mom Nancy Priddy's character.

This viewer found "Jaws of Satan" agreeable enough. It's not a great movie, or even a good one, really, but it's passable schlock for lovers of Animal Attack cinema.

Five out of 10.

Reviewed by TOMASBBloodhound 2 / 10

Truly inept. One of the worst.

Aside from being Christina Applegate's debut, there is really nothing notable about this failed attempt at combining religious hokum with animal life on the attack. Fritz Weaver guts it out and turns in a decent performance as a small town priest whose ancestors are responsible for a curse being brought upon his parish. It seems that hundreds of years prior, his ancestor stamped out a druid cult and now their spirit is reborn in the form of a king cobra! And this king cobra happens to have jumped off a circus train after killing the crew just as it passes through this small Alabama town!!! YES You heard that right!! Now, the cobra casts its spell on other snakes in the area and causes them to randomly attack anyone they encounter! All this while a new dog racing track is about to open. And the mayor and the guy building it of course won't let anything delay the grand opening! No matter how many people get bitten! It's up to the priest to re-discover his faith and drive out the evil snakes!!! As you can tell from the above paragraph, this film is laughable. At least Snakes On a Plane apparently knew not to take itself seriously. (I've never seen that one, but that's what I understand) But Jaws of Satan plays it straight and only generates unintentional laughs! So many goofs! Plexiglass between the snakes and cast members is clearly visible in some scenes. In one scene, the sheriff is called to stalk a dangerous snake in a hardware store. The snake is clearly just a harmless gopher snake, but they try to make it seem like its attacking him!! We hear a gunshot, even when he clearly did not fire the pistol. Then, the snake just kind of slumps onto the floor... clearly not dead or harmed! The music is absolutely wretched, the film is filled with padding like people driving or taxiing down a runway in a little plane. Thought I was watching R.O.T.O.R. for a moment with all that padding! Lots of ancient clichés abound. We get a morgue attendant who leaves food lying around dead bodies and acts casual while eating next to corpses. Seen that one in so many others.... We see an expert brought in from out of town, but he doesn't amount to anything. Just serves as a love interest for a female town doctor. I don't know where to stop with my criticism, so I'll just do it here. Awful film! 2 of 10 stars.

The Hound.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell ([email protected]) 4 / 10

This movie has a very specific audience


I don't really know how it's possible to "spoil" this movie or two give two figs about it.

Let me see. The plot. Okay. A rash of odd and lethal snakebites begins turning up in a small town, much to the puzzlement of the doctor played by Gretchen Corbett, looking mighty slim and much cuter than my doctor. Nobody else seems particularly bothered though, despite the fact that all the deciduous trees are bare and all good snakes should be comfortably hibernating. Never mind, though. The priest (Fritz Weaver) is losing his faith or his confidence or something. He boozes it up and doesn't seem to be having a lot of fun. No joke to be unpopular in a small town. Maybe it's partly because, although he seems to be Catholic in that he lapses into Latin at a critical point, he says the mass facing in the wrong direction. At any rate his ontological Angst seems to have drawn Satan to his little town, with Weaver as the bullseye. The original snake, a cobra, arrives by train. (Don't ask.)

That's the Exorcist part of it. The Jaws part has to do with one of those money-mongering venture capitalists who wants to open a dog-racing track and doesn't want to alarm any visitors with all this talk about crazy snakes. How dumb can you get? He could have solved the entire problem simply by opening a mongoose-racing track.

Oh, there's one of those expert academicians drawn in from the outside to provide us with herpetological knowledge that the other characters (and the audience) don't have. He really doesn't add much, in the way of herpetological expertise, plot development, or character. He's only needed once, to rush in and save Corbett from a beautiful specimen of the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus adamanteus.

I know. The snake seems to have changed from a cobra to a rattlesnake. This happens to be a rather wise rattlesnake, having followed Corbett into the shower and peeked at her, but it's a rattlesnake nonetheless. But then there are a LOT of different kinds of snakes used here. The, um, "king cobra" seems to have roused all of them. I spotted a common and harmless gopher snake among the mess. The herpetologist's curiosity isn't aroused by the presence of cobras, native to Asia and Africa, in a small American town, or what an Eastern diamondback is doing so far out of its range in the southeast US. At least one of the snakes is visibly killed on camera, which is pretty rotten if you ask me. The target should have been the screenwriters.

But the plot is so full of holes that it's not really worth going into. Speaking of holes, the cobra accosts the priest in a graveyard and while he's trying to run away he falls into an empty freshly dug grave and can't get out. The cobra, it seems, has this thing about crucifixes. What would have happened to Weaver if he'd been a rabbi and pulled a Mogen David we can only speculate about.

At one point, Corbett, wearing a neat red dress, is lying down in a cave full of snakes presided over by the Satanic Elapid. I don't know how she wound up on this rock altar. It's done offscreen. The priest shows up, waving his cross, removes the supine Corbett, which is a pity because she really looked very sacrificial, lies down in her place wearing a surplice, kisses his cross, encants some Latin mumbo jumbo, and the snake disappears in a pillar of flame.

If he'd have done that at the beginning he could have saved all of us an hour. Oh, by the way, the little girl -- there always has to be a kid to naive to recognize danger signals -- is played by Christina Applegate.

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