Jenny's Wedding


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fly Sky 7 / 10

Decent flick about coming out

If you read the reviews or the trash from haters on these boards, you'd think this was a major stinker.

it's actually a decent movie. It is not a romcom and if you watch the trailer, it shows clearly the focus is not on the lesbian couple. this movie is about parents experience after their daughter comes out to them. This isn't something you typically see from Hollywood.

one thing i see is critics bashing the movie because it doesn't seem current with today's modern times of lgbt acceptance. sorry, i think these critics are out-of-touch and don't realize that yes, many still live in very conservative communities where being gay is not accepted, even in the states believe it or not. Even if parents are OK, it is difficult to instantly let go of your dreams for your kids having a *normal* life and worry about social scrutiny your kids and family will now face.

this is well acted, particularly by Heigl, Emond, Wilkinson, and Gummer as they have the biggest roles here. Too bad Bledel's character didn't have much to do. The music could have been bit more subtle and the ending seemed lacking a bit. Transitions at times aren't very smooth, but expected due to the low-budget.

if this movie actually got a change to be shown in theaters and marketed to general audiences (not just big cities), I could see this being a sleeper hit. But nowadays, only small movies that are considered Oscar contenders will get playtime in theaters. too bad. this is worth a look.

Reviewed by stevepat99 10 / 10

Heigl shines! Neither the movie's 'theme' nor Heigl deserve to be trashed

The single review, as I post this, trashes the movie as 20 years too late and Heigl's films as bomb after bomb as her career gets ready to crash. Way too harsh. Many, many movies are based on recurring themes i.e. man meets woman, falls for her BUT she is engaged to another. This movie's theme, gay daughter (or son)who has not come out to her parents has been a standard dramcom theme for many years. To say this theme is 20 years too late is to say there are no longer young adults who are in the closet when it comes to their conservative, main street USA parents which, of course, is not the case. You could probably due a current version of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and even that could still work. The very title, Jenny's Wedding, which is a central them of the movie fits in with the new current waive of legal gay marriages which did not and could not have happened twenty years ago.

MOST of the 500 who have seen this film gave it thumbs up. Even the one negative review I am referring to ends by saying it was 'somewhat entertaining.' I assume that is akin to being somewhat 'alive' ... a very good thing to be.

As for Heigl's crashing career not so fast. She continues to entertain us with films such as 27 Dresses with its respectable 6.1 rating. Her recent departure, black comedy Home Sweet Hell has some great moments, twists and turns with split 50/50 rating. I gave it my thumbs up.

Jenny's Weddng is charming, funny, emotional and true to the angst so many face when coming out to their conservative family. Castnig is first rate with Heigl doing one her best performances. Tom Wilkinson was a great pick for her father. Her mother, played by Linda Emond, was awesome in her many moving, dramatic scenes. Jenny's siblings added to the very real obstacles to many dealing with their wish to come out. The movie musical score was also first rate. All in all I totally enjoyed this best ever effort by Heigl. Since it has been under rated I shall over rate it a tad. Big thumbs up.

Reviewed by caspian1978 5 / 10

20 Years Too Late

What could have been a very important and thought provoking movie, Jenny's Wedding falls completely flat. Katherine Heigl plays herself as she has in most of her movies. Bomb after bomb has brought us full circle to her post Grey's Anatomy career where her celebrity wave is about ready to crash. Although it is another one of her typical acting roles that she has had since 2007's Knocked Up, the role of Jenny is one of her best opportunities to show that she is a good actress. However, the subject matter is beyond out dated to this point. If this movie was to come out in 1995, then the critics would have been talking about how taboo and thought provoking this movie is. To play it safe, Jenny's Wedding premieres in 2015 where the subject matter is no longer on the "front burner." The supporting cast is as strong as their leading lady. Ir should I say ladies. The Lifetime style direction only adds to the basic 90 minute movie that leaves the audience somewhat entertained and far from informed about the journey Jenny goes through to keep the love for her family. Nothing special nothing new. In fact, Jenny's Wedding is far from anything new.

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