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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mohamadkarasneh 8 / 10

Interesting documentary

I had a nice time watching Jerusalem, the aerial shots of Palestine and Jerusalem gives an artistic and beautiful look on the country and makes you really want to see this piece of heaven.

The film starts in introducing the three major religions in the country starting with the oldest (the Jewish) and ending with the newest (islam), and each religion is introduced by a teenage girl from each religion and culture.

To be honest as a Muslim i learned a couple of things about how other religions see the holy city, i cannot verify nor deny the accuracy of Jewish and Christian information presented in the film, I can say that Islamic fact was mostly true but the film was short and the Islamic (and Christian) side of the city was really shallow presented, i liked how it talked about the month of Ramadan and "the dome of the rock" but it didn't mention the "far mosque" to the side of "the dome of the rock" which is important as well in our religion. I saw a familiar culture And faces looking like us in the Muslim side of the city making me want to visit the city even more.

The film also tackles an important issue in the culture of the city at the end which is getting to know other religion people and stating that we have a lot in common, of course what is preventing such blend is the political conflict happening in the city and the country in general, i loved seeing the city without Israelis police and checkpoints between every two checkpoints in the city which we see in news.

I would like to state my opinion in the Palestinian - Israeli conflict, as the film states the Jews return to the city making {aliaa': going to a higher place} and searching for the lost temple which was destroyed, well, we have no problem of Jews coming to Palestine, but to problem starts when Britain gave the country to Israel and they killed and removed the native citizens out of their homes, some died in 1948,1967 and other wars, and many emigrated to Jordan with a strong will in their hearts to return to their land, i hope we find a solution where Palestinians return to their homes, lands are returned, and digging and attempts to destroy our mosques are stopped, then we can have a peaceful blend of cultures that really suites the holy city.

Mohamad karasneh Jordan

Reviewed by poikkeus1 6 / 10

Glorious photography...and a bit stiff

JERUSALEM is a vivid documentary about three faiths that somehow manage to coexist in an exclusive piece of international real estate. The film is only 45 minutes long, so there isn't much time to go into the history of the city. Even the archeology could be expanded into a multi part series. The filmmakers show modern-day JERUSALEM through the eyes of three young women - Christian, Muslim, and Jewish - as they try to explain why the city is so special to them.

The problem is - we don't find out why. Individual sequences are ravishing, with a wealth of long tracking shots and a few astonishing digital recreations. The film itself, however, doesn't have much of a story or point of view.

Without this point of view, JERUSALEM can seem like eye-candy; visually engaging, but emotionally remote, and maybe a bit remote.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 8 / 10

A wondrous tour with breathtaking visual, and an identifiable beauty beyond restriction of one faith.

Jerusalem is the kind of film usually displayed on shopping center to advertise the new flat or curved television set. It's an undeniable graphical masterpiece as every shot is done with such precise cinematography. Its frame, composition of scenery, the contrasting shadow and lighting, one can take a random screenshot and it would be an impressive work of photography.

The documentary takes audience through walks and lives of the holy city's citizens. It mainly tells the culture of three different major religions from perspectives of young women. They depict the city and its meaning to them, both personally and culturally while Benedict Cumberbatch narrates how the place came to be.

It's a grand view of many corners and landmarks, taken in such angle that it is simply immersive. The high rise scene is gorgeous, meanwhile the first person perspective, especially when the camera walks through gates of houses, mosques or churches, is intimately welcoming. Every shot is taken with purpose and they are never out of focus, it offers a steady pace throughout the entire visual marvel.

Granted, it doesn't cover much of the more bloody history, yet this is meant for a testament of human cultures and celebration of life. It's simply a marvelous display of excellent cinematography, regardless of one's faith.

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