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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by plucsenecal 5 / 10

Big promises. Small results.

This could have been a great movie. Yes, the synopsis might sound corny, but the potential was there for something dark, mysterious, subtle and of course creepy as hell. The Google Glass thing worked for me (although it might annoy some), as did movies in the same "genre" like CloverField and Creep. If you've been to Jerusalem, you'll get memories coming back at you during this movie. Lots of beautiful footage. Apart from that, the movie lost me with its inconsistencies, lack of balance, superficial take on the Jewish mythology and a storyline which was either gimmicky or not credible.

From the start, we could feel the storyline was forced with the intro and the numerous signs that announced Jerusalem was going down with a boom. The visuals were nothing exceptional, and the Paz Brothers could've achieved much more with less demons. A giant? Really?

The characters' action often left me bemused, with the IDF straying away from their mission to escort a girl in the asylum (not happening in real life, ever.) Omar killing himself (pretty pointless), the soldiers NOT shooting the demons, psycho-David hiding under a table... Also, it felt like the main character was either calling out names, crying or saying : "I'm sorry", which made her more annoying than anything else, although I suspect she hardly had any help from the script, which is nothing to write home about.

The lost brother storyline added very little to the movie, beside getting a guy blowing his opportunity at getting head (pun intended), a crying scene and a funny joke at the Western Wall. It could have been easily left out, had it not intervene at the very end, in a manner that was simply uncalled for.

Finallt, the movie left me asking for more, with an ending that wanted itself shocking, but fell short of the terror this movie was promising.

Reviewed by sladjoja 1 / 10

If you love yourself AVOID it at any cost!!!I am so angry for watching it!

Please IMDb reader, do NOT watch this crap. I made an account just to write this review.

I rooted the whole time that somebody kills the main character, and the first minute she appeared would have been late for that. I have never seen such a bad character, lousy dialogue or such bad acting like this. This bitch (the character, not the actress) is the slowest, bitchiest, stupidest, most whiny and retarded character in movie history.

I'm outraged by this "movie" I could only curse in this review. Please consider this warning, because I made an account just to give this movie 1 star and warn any of you not to watch it.

If you love yourself AVOID it at any cost!!!

Reviewed by jeremywtfbbqsauce 1 / 10

Signed up just to review this and save you time you can't get back.

If I could give this a lower score, I would. The entire story is told from the viewpoint of a spoiled rich girl's google glass, in the vein of a "found footage" type format. Absolutely nothing to do with the story happens until about 47 minutes into the film. From the cheesy fake accents from "Indiana" to the cringe worthy dialogue, there is seriously absolutely nothing redeemable about this film. I stopped watching at one point because of how much I hated everything about this film and came back to it later to finish it.

Save yourself the time and the headache, avoid this piece of crap film at all costs.

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