Jingle All the Way


Action / Comedy / Family


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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard Langston
Jake Lloyd as Jamie Langston
Rita Wilson as Liz Langston
Curtis Armstrong as Chain Smoking Booster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lover101 6 / 10

Lord help me, I like it

First of all, let me say I am way easier on Christmas movies than I am general releases. I don't know why. Maybe its that its the time of the year, and all the tinsel dust gets settled into my brain until I am in a stupor...

But this movie is not that bad. If you just look at it as a lighthearted, fun with the family movie, then you will have fun. It does get real, real cheesy at times, but most of the movie is funny and entertaining. That's all you can ask for from a movie. The biggest drawback is Jake Lloyd. I have never liked him as a child actor. You could always tell he is acting, and he always sounds so damn whiney. Heck, behind Jar Jar, Jake Lloyd is the most annoying actor.

Other than that, it is fun. Hey, if it comes on TV, pop some pop corn, grab the kids, and tune in!

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 5 / 10

2 lunatics vie for a toy at Christmas

This film shows the insanity of Christmas. Two parents, who waited untill the last minute to buy a popular gift for their child, spend all of Christmas Eve trying to come up with the toy. They were vicious and violent with each other in their efforts to secure the piece of plastic junk for their little darling. This picture shows just how goofy people act at this time of year. Instead of preparing, most folks wait till it is too late; all in the name of Christmas spirit. Arnold portrayed a man who ignored his boy all year, and then tried to buy his love at Christmas with a pitiful little bauble. How true of real life. A funny movie on one hand, a tragedy on the other. Look and learn.

Reviewed by Steven van de Beek 8 / 10

Great fun

Everything about this movie is great. It has a great cast (With a wonderfully sleazy Phil Hartman). A great script with loads of laughter.

It's obviously created as a spoof for the Christmas buying crazes that go on in the world, where everybody must have that one very special toy.

It has the look and feel of a children's movie - but I'm not sure it is, or was ever designed to be.

Don't expect a Schwarzie action movie. It's more a live-action cartoon.

Jingle all the way is a movie I've seen a couple of times now - and I'll watch it again and again. Good fun. 8/10.

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