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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jennifer - 1 / 10

Are there negative stars?? Like Anti-Stars

The best actor in this train wreck was the wrestler and Larry the cable guy wasn't even the worst actor in the film!

Never again. I should tell Redbox I want my free rental code back.

The entire movie...Larry is being forced to accept the fact his ex-wife remarried (ok, I get it) but they're also forcing to have Larry accept his daughter now has 2 dads?! Really!? Hate to tell you one is a father and one is a STEPfather. I don't know that just did not sit well with me.

I hated it. I can't stress enough. It was dull, boring, lacking. Had the whole entire plot pinned in about 5 minutes of the movie. I only laughed once.... and I don't even think the part was MEANT to be funny!

Reviewed by David Brailsford 1 / 10

There are 2 types of people

Those who loved Jingle all the Way and those who hated it.... finally they have something they can agree on... and that is that this movie was a train wreck that should have never happened. I personally loved the first one... it wasn't a great story but it had a charm to it, funny moments and over the top silliness.... This movie basically had a similar event involving a super popular toy, thats where the similarities end as any attempts at humor fell flat. WWE was the movie company behind this so its no surprise that no one in the movie made any effort to act (Much like in Leprechaun: Origin), I find it amazing that professional wrestlers are more convincing actors then the actors they get for their movies. I'm still wondering how after watching this movie Larry is considered a comedian, nothing he said in the film was funny, in fact a few of his jokes made an already unfunny scene... well... uncomfortable. Basically the plot is Larry is the dad of a girl whose mom married some other guy who has it out for him so there both trying to get this toy bear that records the person's name and says it. Then Larry (pretty lazily compared to Arnold) spends the majority of the movie doing stuff trying to get the toy. The big thing missing was direct cut throat competition though the way Arnold had with Sinbad, Brian Stepnek wasn't going head to head with Larry at all. The fact that Larry was divorced also left the whole conflict with an affair brewing the way their was in the original with Arnold's wife and Phil Hartmen. The attempts at over the top humor just weren't there and the movie was boring almost to the point of being a sleep aid. Anyway if your looking for a movie for really young kids, it has nothing really offensive in it (unless you consider a movie pretending to be a comedy and then turning out to be a tedious watch offensive)

Reviewed by matthew-brady-404-237416 1 / 10

I did this for you all

If I ever meet the prouder's or the people behind the making of this movie, I will Simpy grab them by their throats and say the last words their will hear when their still alive, "Now where is your Christmas spirit".

I have to admit that the first Jingle All the Way movie with good all Arnold in it was my biggest guilty pleasure of all time, yeah it was stupid and laughably bad but that's guilty Pleasure for you. So after watching this dick demon of hell, but then all my thoughts and opinion came together like metal and magnets; this movie is so god awful and so unbelievable to believe that this movie exists, that it made me respect the first one ever more, and least that had good lines and overall a better story then this garbage of a movie.

Just skip this horrid film, it's not worth breaking you're back to see, just skip it not like this unlucky soul.

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