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Ray Park as Gabriel
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William Atherton as Father Westhoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Yasir Umair 10 / 10

Superb Job.

Well Done Guys as it was I think the first comprehensive movie about Jinns. The people who don't like it or should I say the ones who don't understand the movie are not familiar with the Islamic point of view regarding supernatural. According to Islam Jinns and Angels were created far before Humans. Jinns were created with fire and also with a lot of supernatural powers. They have been here with us from the very beginning. The things we call ghosts, spirits etc are actually Jinns. The movie as a whole was a nice effort to showcase the Islamic perspective. Acting was very acceptable. The director knew all the time what he was doing and where he wants to go with the movie. There were a few mistakes here and there but overall it is worth your time and money.

Reviewed by mtmorefield 1 / 10

Please Never Watch This Movie

I would like to preface this by saying that I love movies and have a special place in my heart for bad horror movies at times.

However, this movie does not even rank well on my bad horror movies list. I spent more of this movie focused on if I would walk out of the movie theater (for the first time in my life) than on the plot - that was mainly because there was no plot.

The most impressive part of this movie was the fact they were able to put together a trailer that made me want to see it. Otherwise, they did not develop the characters, they jumped from one part of the story to the next without any transition and all the characters lacked emotional development (at one point instead of crying they just used droplets of water rolling straight down his cheek...).

All in all I can't tell you how much not to go see this. It is a waste of time and money. For your sake, do not make my mistake.

Reviewed by blatherskitenoir 5 / 10

Meh--More Made-for-TV than Big Screen

Jinn is a film which can't decide whether it's a horror flick, a sci-fi/ fantasy romp, or an origin story launch for an independent noir graphic novel hero (please note, I have no idea if Jinn is based off a comic, but they're obviously trying to force-start a franchise.) Like the film's protagonists who attempt to create a super amalgamation of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, only to have it come across as vaguely anti-Muslim and awkward, (and the 'edgy' sound track choices which just end up being bafflingly bizarre,) this mix doesn't quite work, and the film would have been better served choosing one genre, and doing it well, instead of all and fumbling through it. There are some genuinely creepy moments, which are ruined by the comedy, and the comedy is in turn ruined by the complete, posturing cheesiness of some of characters and dialogs. Several plot devices could have come straight from their TVTropes.com pages, and certain scenes feel almost as if they were lifted from famous, better-made, movies.

The production value is very high, which helps and hinders. There are many actors with recognizable faces doing the very best they can; some extremely expensive camera shots; well-done (and plentiful) effects; fighting and driving stunts; and seriously, what is the point of the sports car? The high production values prevent the film from be a crappy delight, but make the confusing plot bearable to watch. Watching Jinn, you'll wonder who in the world would pour so much money into a movie who's plot and screen play feel more like a made-for-TV film you stumble onto after midnight on the Sifi channel than the big budget blockbuster it longs to be.

If you like films like "Season of the Witch," "Outlander," or random, independent movies from Red Box, you'll probably like Jinn, but otherwise, this is a film to watch with a bunch of drunk friends and make fun of, though there are other, better, choices for that.

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