Johnny Got His Gun


Drama / War

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Dalton Trumbo as Orator
Jason Robards as Joe's Father
Timothy Bottoms as Joe Bonham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lazylaurablue 8 / 10

A fate worse than death

Johnny awakes in a hospital to gradually find that he has lost his limbs and most of his sensory organs. He is being kept alive in a bizarre experiment to see just how long a torso can live in sensory deprivation. The doctors are convinced he has no real feeling, but he has dreams and memories and slowly pieces together what has happened to him. In his desperation he finds a way to communicate with a young nurse who cares for him and though she has been told he has no feeling; she finds otherwise, and tries to make the doctors aware. Johnny wants the world to know what has happened to him, what the war has done to him. Will they heed his plea or will they leave him in the living nightmare of isolation? This may be, on the surface, an anti war film, but underlying it all is a deep anti-establishment theme, for it is the politicians, the establishment who don't want to recognise this young man as a real person with feelings. He has no arms, you see, no eyes, no ears. His plight could not have been worse if he had dark skin or lacked external genitalia. He is a symbol of the ignorance of the establishment and though there is a possibility this story could be literally true, it is equally possible that Johnny could represent every single one of us, trapped in a place where we do not want to be, and no-one will listen...


Reviewed by chrisdee-2 10 / 10

Mind blowing and original

One of cinema's greatest achievements. The film is an incredible experience. The fact that you spend almost two hours watching the figure of someone buried under sheets and that we are intrigued by every second of it, testifies to the genius of the film. It's sad that most people remember this movie as the one Metallica made a video for. No offense to the band, but this JGHG is far more important than that. Dalton Trumbo's only directorial effort and it is flawless. The majority of the film is told in a voiceover and like "Twelve Angry Men" every thing takes place in one room. Prepare to be amazed.

Reviewed by sideburnmikeguitar 10 / 10

Maybe the most effective movie I've ever seen

Let me say that I would NOT recommend this to anyone lightly. I feel quite confident saying that there are very few people I know who I think should see it.

It's all about the horror of war. The setting is WWI and involves a very young man, boy really, who has no appendages because of a grenade. The rest of the moving cuts between his horrific vegetative physical state with voice-overs of his thoughts and flashbacks to his rather limited life experiences and a few fantasies or inner monologues.

This was really a soul-shattering movie in a lot of ways. After watching it I couldn't get it out of my head for hours after hours. I couldn't' get to sleep until mid way through the next day. It is just relentlessly brutal in giving detail of true internal psychological torture, seeing a wasted life sacrificed.

I didn't read the book, which I've been told is even more dramatic than the film. I honestly can't imagine that. I don't think I could read the book. Parts of it make me think of "All Quiet on the Western Front" but in far more isolated ways. There's no glory here.

Donald Sutherland's Christ is a fascinating character and compelling. Joe's flashbacks are all meaningful and relate to the "big questions" he's trying to sort out that only seem to provide answer that torture him even more. The scene with his girlfriend early in the movie when the old man says "don't make a whore out of her" is profound in its delivery.

It is fairly artistic in a very dark sense. It's too heavy for some people. They will claim it was boring but that is only for those who have no understanding of the weight of the matters because it doesn't involve them. Make no mistake, this sort of thing goes on every day as there are wars every day.

I'm all about defending and fighting for personal rights, but if this movie were shown in every public school in the world there would be far fewer people willing to fight for the causes of others and the promise of a few more dollars.

I've never seen a movie that moved me so much but in such a sad way. It was perfect in its execution, but then again some lessons are better left unlearned.

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