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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Fantastic, fantastic movie that is difficult to explain. More movies like this should be made. Great acting and story. I say A

When do you know for sure you are in love? After a failed marriage at a young age, Jolene (Chastain) deals with getting over the past and finding herself. She sets off on a journey across the country looking for what is missing in her life. This is a very, very good coming-of-age story, also kind of inspiring in a way, no matter what happens to her she never gets down and keeps pushing forward. On the other hand it is also pretty depressing to watch what this girl goes through. This movie does a great job of showing what a girl, who was raised as an orphan and spent her youth between the home and foster parents, acts like. Though it's not her first movie the woman who plays Jolene (Jessica Chastain) is fantastic in this. It's not an easy role, especially with as much sex and nudity involved (nothing gratuitous, it actually helps define the character), along with the ranges of emotion she must portray. I'm really surprised she didn't get any recognition for this. I don't want to give too much away, but I really, really enjoyed this movie. I give it an A.

Would I watch it again? - I did already.

Reviewed by MBunge 4 / 10

There are good reasons this wasn't Chastain's career breakthrough

You can certainly understand why Jessica Chastain took this role. I mean, what actress just into her 30s wouldn't? It's not only the lead in a relatively substantial production, the whole movie revolves around her character and she's on screen for almost every second of it. It's a part that goes from 15 to 25, from roadside whore to rich man's wife, from dependent little girl to supposedly independent woman. There's also a decent bit of nudity, which is sadly something many actresses need to indulge in for Tinsel Town to take notice of them. If Chastain had any hesitation about this job, I'm sure everyone from her parents to her agent to the little Korean lady at the nail salon told her that this motion picture was going to make her career. There are just two little problems. One, Jolene isn't really any good. The story is shallow and contrived and is more like a simulation of life than real existence. Two, Chastain is not the right kind female for this sort of part.

This largely plot less tale is about Jolene (Jessica Chastain), a red headed girl from a life of foster parent abuse who at 15 married a young man desperate enough to take her as a bandage for his wounded heart. She almost immediately betrays him for his older smarmy uncle, which destroys everything and sends Jolene out into a cruel world that is never quite cruel enough to leave a mark on her. She passes from a lesbian guard at a juvenile mental home to a charismatic tattoo artist to a mobster to the scion of a wealthy Oklahoma family. Along the way, Jolene only gets a little bit wiser but never any more sympathetic or likable.

Part of it is that the film assumes the audience will automatically identify with and root for Jolene, so it never does anything to make her any more appealing than her physical attributes. Jolene isn't all that nice and she isn't good in any meaningful sense of the word and this movie never gives the viewer any reason to emotionally invest in what happens to her. When bad things happen, it's like watching a rotting house collapse from a distance. It's momentarily diverting but you don't care about the house and you're not close enough to it to feel any danger or risk.

Part of it is that Jolene does not appear to be happening in any kind of real world. The character is put in all these fake, fabricated situations that are like bad reproductions of actual things. The world has strip clubs but the one Jolene works at is classier and more refined than any strip club on Earth or any other planet. This story takes place in the present but is based on an understanding of family and divorce law that is straight out of the 1950s. And though Jolene is twice thrust into situations of great wealth after periods of practically living on the street and turning tricks to get by, she never thinks to stash any money away for herself.

Part of it is that Jolene, while the center of this movie, is so passive through the very end of the story. She barely does anything. Stuff happens to her and she hardly even reacts to most of it.

And as mean as it is to point out, part of it is that Jessica Chastain is not beautiful enough to make Jolene believable. The most defining characteristic of Jolene is she's supposed to be so drop dead gorgeous that lovers fall helpless at her feet. Chastain pulls that off when Jolene is 15 and radiates the sort of raw, unconscious sensuality that turns middle aged men into idiots. But as the character ages and has to lose that Lolita-like openness, it gets harder and harder to buy that Jolene is so darn irresistible. Few guys would kick Chastain out of bed for eating crackers, but she's not that good looking…or at least not that kind of good looking. In fact, if Chastain were physically stunning in her early 30s, she wouldn't have been able to convincingly play someone sexually precocious and half her age.

The direction and the acting here are good enough. It's the story itself that isn't worth anyone's time. You'd be better off listening to Dolly Parton's "Jolene" than watching this.

Reviewed by punishmentpark 6 / 10

What the hell was that?

Yes, Jessica Chastain can act, and does so very well in 'Jolene', but that doesn't make this a good film, necessarily. In episodes, the viewer witnesses the (bad) choices she makes and what harm comes to her. There seems to be no redeeming quality to any of it, from her early days of abuse (this begins before she gets married, but is captured in just a single voice-over sentence) to her final false (?, I can only assume; the movie ends there) dream of being a movie star and reclaiming her child... The resilience of Jolene's character is both impressive and hard to watch. And to learn that big money (the Tulsa parents) is seemingly the only way to (finally) find out about Jolene's past and get her back in touch with the 'proper authorities' is a confrontation with an utterly sad truth, let alone with the equally sad fact that the rich Tulsa husband (among others) can get away with such violence.

But why tell such a story? I would guess to tell the tragic life story of a young woman, put in a few life lessons for young, fragile women, criticize certain life styles and institutions...? Yes, I think I could get that, but as I tried to explain before, things are off. Jolene doesn't learn, bad folks get away with their mischief, and institutions too. In the end she escapes once again into a sad fantasy - where will she go from there? On top of that, some parts tend to the exploitation genre (while this film is trying hard to fit the drama genre, I believe) and the separate episodes are mostly rather shallow, stating facts in an up tempo manner.

I still can't get my head around all of it, and / but I don't know if that is a good thing or not... 6 out of 10 for now.

Oh, and this was based on a fictional tale with the same title, which was in turn based on the song 'Jolene'. And yes, that, in turn, was based on something, too.

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