Journey to Le Mans


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sales-173-296546 10 / 10

A moving documentary

For me this was a film filled with childhood nostalgia, going to Le Mans with my Dad and watching him race. I think more than anything this captures the reality, the team spirit and drive of the individual man to win. It makes me sad to read comments about it being only about 'Jota' a small team - who wants to watch them? It is not misleading - read the synopsis, this film says exactly what it is, an inside story about a group of guys wanting to make it in the greatest race in the world. So it is OK for Audi to do it? What if it were Porsche? I think perhaps some have missed the point the filmmakers captured which is the authenticity of just a bunch of passionate chaps who take on the world. Surely THIS is inspiration beyond all else? Or perhaps it just let's an old guy think 'hey I could do that'. For me it is a ten out of ten.

Reviewed by robmccrea 3 / 10

Wrong cinematic viewpoint for presenting racing.

Journey to Le Mans is a documentary presenting team Jota's quest to win Le Mans in the LMP2 division.

Much of the race footage is presented in slow motion, and the melodramatic soundtrack is unrelenting. These aspects betray the innate excitement of high-speed racing. The film doesn't even present a summary of the race in any desirable form. I have to believe an under-produced bland documentary would have been much more interesting.

What it does somewhat well is profile the drivers of team Jota. The raw footage is top-notch, alas the actually racing clips are very short.

My one word summary would be "boring", which is a very unfortunate description of the pinnacle of high-speed auto racing.

Reviewed by John Chavez 1 / 10

Not For Car Guys

If you are a car guy skip on this film. The are so many repetitive scenes that it just makes you wonder who put this together. They show the same scene 6 times. How is that possible when you telling a story. The producer cuts from one angle to another and you don't really get to see or enjoy a slow motion shot and on top of that they put a sound effect that clearly doesn't belong but, to make it worse its the same sound effect they just used 3 minutes ago. Also they talk about crashes but fail to show you it and skip to a person talking about it. We want to see the whole scene. Don't tell us what and how it happened, SHOW US. It was poorly thought out and will just get us car guys angry. All you had to do was end the movie with the car going around La'Sarthe for a whole lap and we would of been happy.

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