Journey to the Center of the Earth


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
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Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson
Brendan Fraser as Trevor Anderson
Kaniehtiio Horn as Gum-Chewing Girl
Anita Briem as Hannah Ásgeirsson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vegeta3986 7 / 10

Journey to the center of my hurting eyes

I know that title sounds a bit rough, but i did not hate this movie. quite the opposite in fact. i'm actually surprised in how much i enjoyed this movie. i really only rented it for the 3-D, but you know what? i had a lot of fun. and honestly, that was the best movie i've seen Brendan Frasier in since "the mummy". Brendan really is a lot better in action films then he is in comedy or romances. he should stick to action.

The film was a good time all in all. The characters weren't annoying as hell, it was a cute PG plot, and it taught some fun lessons.

I've been looking on the board and seeing that there's a lot of "that couldn't happen!" and "this movie is childish!" OK. look. it's a PG movie called "Journey to the Center of the Earth". It isn't a political documentary. Suspend your disbelief, sit back and enjoy it. Unless of course you want to hand me your 30 page dissertation on why Doc Brown's time machine is an impossibility. If you're not one of those sad lonely people, you'll find this movie quite a lot of fun. Not an epic masterpiece, but a lot of fun.

If i had to voice one problem is that they need to stop giving anaglyph glasses. it kind of hurts your eyes after a while. They have good 3-d glasses, don't they? they give them out in Florida for Terminator and the Muppet show, so why don't they include those? that would definitely make the movie better in my opinion.

Other than my hurting eyes though, this movie was a nice break from monotonous depressing dark plot based films.

With a fun premise, tongue in cheek humor, and decent 3-D effects, Journey to the center of the earth gets 7 glowing birds, out of 10

Reviewed by qormi 1 / 10

Dumb, Predictable 3 -D Vehicle

Brenden Fraser and co. were capable and amiable enough to pull it through. The 3-D was a lot of fun. The movie itself was a joyride - a mindless joyride, that is. Just what do these people have to do to get hurt? I could slip in the bathroom and be out of commission for days, yet this fearless trio can literally fall thousands of miles down a hole and not get so much as a bruised hiney! They can speed over 60 mph on a rickety 60+ year old mine car without being derailed and jump farther than those Duke boys could in the General Lee! They can out run a T-Rex on the open field, explode through a volcano thousands of feet, cling to the underside of a rock like a fly, endure 130 degree heat without breaking a sweat, eat trilobites and not get the runs, and crash a hang glider from a thousand feet without skinning an elbow!!! At least the 1950's version retained some veneer of plausibility. These people even survived fiery explosions without a blister, found each other over scores of miles using a compass, and all in one and a half days? Yeah, I had fun watching it, but later on, you realize it may just have been the stupidest film you've ever seen! At least the script didn't call for the actors to take each other seriously, but this also robbed the film of any suspense whatsoever. Kind of like in a Spielberg film - you just know the kid's not going to get hurt no matter what. This film needed a villain or two because you just knew none of these three morons were going to get hurt. Just a 3-D vehicle for the sake of 3-D stunts.

Reviewed by bopdog 9 / 10

Silly, but surprisingly enjoyable anyway

The reviewers of "Journey" are probably all correct: the logic is spotty, the premise is silly, and the requirement of the audience to suspend disbelief is beyond a typically successful film. However, despite all of that, I liked it! I went to see it because in my small town the offerings are rather slim, and I had seen everything else (is it me, or did this summer's films seem a bit cliched and lame?).

Brendan Fraser has always been a great actor, with an agreeable presence. That he was the star here helped a lot. As did the newcomer actor, the Icelandic lady- Anita Briem. Somehow, one never seems to think of film stars as coming from Iceland. But she is comely and interesting to watch, and she looked good with Fraser. The supporting cast (and there wasn't much of them, as it was mostly CGI stuff, and not really populated with many humans, except for brief appearances) was also adequate, albeit they had little to do.

Overall, then, this was science fiction with an emphasis on the "fiction." Little here was even remotely believable. Yet taken together, it made an interesting visual contemplation of "what if?" and an enjoyable couple of hours at the cinema (for example, the characters free-fall to the "center of the earth," which would be 4,000 MILES down. Allowing for the rather slap-dash explanation of "magma envelopes" and all, we are nonetheless asked to believe they fell thousands of miles in a few seconds. The lava tube they fell down, fake as it was, was kind of evocative--- it did bring to mind a sense of mystery, and the powers of nature that are WAY beyond our everyday experiences, even if it was rather silly).

Oh, BTW, an obvious logic flaw--- if there really was a magma envelope surrounding the interior ocean and lush tropical paradise--- why didn't the free-fall take them through that, it being a sphere and all? Don't even think about it! Just enjoy the fairy tale.

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