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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr_Sagan 1 / 10

Little plots make Little movies...

This is a supposedly "inspirational" kind-of movie based on the life of Joy Mangano a business woman and inventor of home products.

As I'm reading this is far from the actual life of Mangano (who, unlike the Joy in the movie, she went to University and has a degree in business administration). It is more like a blend of the stories of other housewives turned to businesswomen (if you can believe that) and contains lots of fictional elements for dramatic purposes.

Nevertheless the plot is weak. So is the script. There isn't any actual moral here (like "Try and you will succeed"), and the narration of her grandmother dilutes any of that "moral" with too much "it is your destiny" crap.

Soooo, the movie is an empty shell (or should I say Sell, pun intended) but is it fun to watch? No. Not really.

The characters (including Robert De Niro's who plays her father, Elisabeth Röhm's who plays her half-sister, Virginia Madsen's who plays her mother and Isabella Rossellini's who plays her father's girlfriend and serves as the initial investor) are heavily unsympathetic.

The direction is blunt, the pace uneven (I wont spoil you but the resolution of all problems comes in just a few seconds near the end), the situations unbelievable (like going to the...bathroom and unveil a conspiracy by pure luck) etc.

Overall: A blunt movie with weak script and plot. The unsympathetic characters also make this unbearable. Not fun to watch and no true moral in this fictitious sequence of events.

Reviewed by jadepietro 4 / 10

Mighty Russell Has Struck Out

(Rating: ☆☆ out of 4)

This film is not recommended.

In brief: Clean-up in Aisle 4


The usually reliable David O. Russell lets down his fine cast of performers in his latest film, Joy, which doesn't quite live up to its title. Except for a strong performance from its lead, the delightful Jennifer Lawrence, the film remains a major disappointment.

The film is loosely based on the true story of inventor Joy Mangano, but the screenplay also written by its director is a mess that needs to clean up its act. The film swings wildly between comedy and drama but never stays long enough to be effective in either category. Joy, winningly played by Ms. Lawrence, is interesting and the actress brings some verve to her role, but all of the supporting characters around her are sketchy and never amount to much more than quirky curmudgeons whose actions are so over-the-top that they never resemble anything remotely believable.

The plot: Joy's life is in shambles (but then, so is the script). Living slightly above the poverty level and sharing her household with her dysfunctional divorced parents, Terry (Virginia Madsen), a reclusive soap opera addicted mother, and Rudy, a crotchety self-absorbed father (Robert De Niro) who takes up with a rich Italian widow named Trudy (Isabella Rossellini), Joy's ex-husband, Tony (Edgar Ramirez), who is trying to be a professional singer, Peggy (Elizabeth Rohm), her jealous stepsister, and Joy's two adorable children. Still her creative impulses compel her take action and change the direction her life is taking, which leads Joy to her long- time friend and adversary in business, Neil (Bradley Cooper), who gives her moral support on her latest venture.

However, none of these relationships build to any satisfactory conclusion due to the stilted writing and uneven tone of the film. The ending also seems pat and forced as it quickly tries to tie up its loose ends, be they cotton or synthetic.

With all of the talent involved, sadly, Joy is a joyless filmgoing experience.

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Reviewed by Pouya Mako 2 / 10

Plain boring and horrendous

I started watching this movie with high hopes considering it was the work of David O. Russell (who has made some great movies) and highly praised stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro (my favorite actor of all time), and Bradley Cooper. Unfortunately, after the first thirty minutes or so I lost all my hope... it seemed like a childish movie made by an amateur film-maker!

The script was utterly immature. The main message of the movie was female empowerment, a cause worthy of fighting for and to which I say kudos; however, it was represented in the most childish way. Let me give you an example: "You are going to grow up and be a strong, smart young woman. Go to school meet a fine, young man. Have beautiful children of your own. And you're gonna build wonderful things that you do in your room." Sounds like an advice a 14-year-old, obnoxious, recently-turned-feminist girl would give!

Furthermore, the story was completely disoriented and difficult to follow. One doesn't even know how time passes in the movie! I mean after Joy grows up there's clearly some significant passage of time, judging from some of the major occurrences (for instance grandmother dying, etc.), yet the movie gives absolutely no information about it. I was also bothered when the narrator of the story died in the middle of the story, nevertheless still miraculously narrated the events after her death... this is what I call 'posthumous narration' -- yep, seems legit!

The directing was so horrendous it gave me a freaking migraine! Very rarely one can find a scene in this movie in which the camera is actually stable. I don't oppose to a fluent type of camera movement but in this case it was a continuous, subtle, yet super annoying jerky motion that went on and on and on...

Moreover, there are certain scenes in which the acting is incredibly fake. For example, the scene in which Joy walks out of the garage just before releasing her anger by shooting -- never seen this fake of an acting from Jennifer Lawrence before. (I kind of think it's a directing problem though, considering the high level acting Jennifer Lawrence can perform, the director could have and should have repeated that scene)

In conclusion, the movie was disappointingly weak and boring. I certainly do not recommend it.

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