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Jackie Chan as Bennie Chan
Johnny Knoxville as Connor Watts
Bingbing Fan as Samatha Bai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cecil_B_Danmented 7 / 10

Pretty dumb, but also pretty fun

Okay, the plot is a little bit all over the place at times but it still had some pretty neat fights (Jackie Chan always delivers some good stunts for his films) and some fun humor (often within said fight scenes).

There was some dubbed scenes in the first 20 minutes where they clearly weren't speaking English as they would have had no reason to being just Chinese present but luckily that didn't last too long.

I'm guessing the studio thought that Johnny Knoxville fans couldn't handle reading too many subtitles so they dubbed every other scene that was Mandarin sometimes more obvious than others (in the first dubbed scene they avoid the obviousness by simply picking shots that avoid the lips of the cast when they speak).

But I guess that makes it feel a bit like the classic early 90's Jackie Chan movies where they did similar things for the international versions.

Anyway all in all I was mostly entertained and that's why we watch these kind of movies after all and it's worth watching it to see Jackie Chan sing Adelé alone.

6.5/10 for me.

Reviewed by dajungrpark 5 / 10

Not trying to nitpick here

I actually saw the first half in Chinese and the other half in English. Dare I say, dialogues in Chinese dubbed conveyed more sincerity.

What I don't understand is the philosophy behind the villain like why he faked his own death in the first place and why did he kill himself again, why didn't he take care of his own daughter and left her to his so-called "friend" and why aren't the Hong Kong police talking in Cantonese, why can't that be subtitled as well.

Yes, the film seemed like a "Rush Hour" layout with more rural beautiful scenery of China. The actions and fight scenes were great, don't get me wrong but it's really hard to make a good Asian-American film. Not enough scripts going around, I guess?

Reviewed by Charles Bowman 1 / 10

OMG did someone buy positive IMDb votes?

I have to start by saying I have a vested interest: I like breathing.

That said, this movie made me want to stop breathing.

First the two main actors have ZERO chemistry, in fact some scenes look like the are blue screening against each other and it was filmed with each actor in a different country. It really is that bad. Jackie is also looking a little 'tired' - when you see a 62 year old Grandfather in an action movie lead; a little bit of hero status gets chipped away. As for Knoxy, he too was looking a little jaded at 45 he is beginning to look more like 'Max Headroom' (UK Channel 4).

The plot, well, if you take a scene from all JC's movies in the last 20 years, then you get the exact plot of this movie. Only this one is sooooo much worse.

The Director, not wanting to blaspheme and also be sued for libel. I must say the director had plopsy slopsy to work with, but he even made a pigs ear of that.

Even the costumes were clunky and cliché - not purposeful.

Jackie, I have to say you are a hero of mine, please don't do this, you have more to loose than the other starlets or desperados in this movie; I am sorry Jackie, but I cannot lie. Please be true to yourself.

Other than that perhaps this movie could be used as a training exercise...

I only hope that someone was able to retire on the back of that.

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