Jug Face


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Sean Young as Loriss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by themissingpatient 6 / 10

Originality returns!

Ada is a sexually active girl in a religious community that lives in the forest making human sacrifice to their god, The Pit. The Pit possesses a chosen member of the community, making a jug with a face molded into it. The person who's face is on the jug is the person they must sacrifice. The Pit wants what it wants. When Ada finds her face on the new jug, she hides it as she suspects she may be pregnant.

This is a great, original new dramatic horror story with some excellent performances. Lauren Ashley Carter gives us reason to like a girl, who if given a different perspective of, most of us would judge harshly and look down upon as she's pregnant with her brother's child. Both her father and mother, played by Larry Fessenden and Sean Young, are played perfectly. However it's Sean Bridgers as Dawai, the jug-maker, who steals the show with his character.

Jug Face is written and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle. As good of a writer he may show promise to be, what holds Jug Face back from being a great film is that it is poorly paced. Enough time isn't spent on building suspense, adding tension, exploring the horror of all that is going on. We wish the film was longer so we could have spent more time getting to know the characters so that we care whether or not they are going to die. Whether this is a lack of talent or experience as a director is uncertain, what is certain is that the performances and the story make up for this. It's through Sean Bridgers and Lauren Ashley Carter that we come to care for their characters. Sean Young plays one of the most frightening mothers put to screen since Carrie and is more dreadful than The Pit.

Overall, Jug Face will be a twisted, original treat for fans of indie horror.

Reviewed by J. Davis ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Unorthodox horror flick with a fresh story ◆≈≈6.0/10≈≈◆

At first glance, after reading the plot outline of "Jug Face", a myriad of other film's popped up in my mind. All of the usual clichés and expectations of a horror film involving a remote backwoods community were buzzing around in my head. It didn't take long to see that first time writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle had successfully managed to add, not only something fresh, but a considerably engrossing spin to that age old horror theme. He did an exceptional job in writing something original and vividly bringing it to life. The film had taken some of the most engaging ideas of M.N.S's "The Village" and added actual terror, although here, the thing we do not speak of is very much alive with an insatiable appetite for townsfolk.

The story revolves around a young girl Ada(Lauren Ashley Carter) she's been chosen to be "joined" with a young man Bodey(Mathieu Whitman). The thing is, she's not a virgin anymore(oddly enough in this town the woman is examined for purity). Not only is she not a virgin, she is pregnant by her brother Jessaby(Daniel Manche), something that is extremely frowned upon even in this backwater community. Ada soon learns that her current problems are nothing when compared to what may be in store for her. As you likely already know, this town has a secret, they worship an unseen being that resides in a blood filled pit located at the edge of town. A man named Dawai(Sean Bridgers)who is the local pot maker receives visions where he falls into a trance like state, blindly making a jug bearing the face of the next person the pit desires as a sacrifice. One night Ada stumbles upon the next jug face discovering that it's her face on the jug. This sets forth a chain of events & deaths as Ada searches for a resolution.

Despite this being Kinkles first feature film, a low budget indie, he took an idea that sounds a bit ridiculous and for ninety minutes made me believe in it. None of which would have been possible without the top notch acting all around, especially by Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Larry Fessenden and Sean Young. Besides having an odd title, although a very fitting one in retrospect, no inadequacies come to mind in terms of production value or score. The effects were minimal, but compelling. They chose to use their minimal budget wisely and in doing so they did a sufficient job inferring the violence, showing mainly the aftermath which was fine and the scenes that did happen to include gore were chosen wisely. In the end "Jug Face" is a recommendable offbeat horror flick for those fans sick of the same old slasher/inbred killer/pointless torture films that the horror genre is over saturated with.

Reviewed by chaos-rampant 4 / 10

Thin air

A weird thing here. At first dark, textured about hillbilly life, promising some novelty. The handpainted credits bespeak of more personal work, that this comes to us from people who wanted to be creative and not some Hollywood office.

A girl in a repressive backwoods village becomes pregnant just as her parents have arranged marriage and then a mysterious force in the woods (centered in a pit that the people venerate) that seemingly can divine these things, demands blood sacrifice in return for healing and grants visions.

All the tension and strangeness in us being called to parse these wrathful metaphysics through the eyes of people that genuinely believe in them and allow them to dictate life while independent of them having to juggle the possibility that it's all a backwards hallucination, possibly invented: that the imbecile potter merely sculpts faces from a stupor or thin air but does that make the hold of evil less real?

It's clear that they only had a small sketch of the idea as they set to work, interesting at first but goes nowhere, never deeper than something in the earth has to be appeased and the madness of being unable to fathom order; it's still more textured than all the Texas Chainsaw clones, more unusual, but it just smears around with the mythology it creates. A complete loss by the end. Sad.

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