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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by megahort-31386 6 / 10

a Decent Film, with hidden meanings

Ghost Whisperer meets the Devil.

Revenge movies are always unpleasant to watch. But Julia has an underbelly that is dark.

On the surface it's just another revenge story, but beneath that is the occult, Julia's helpers are more like demons than people.

They take her in her weakness and turn her into one of them.

She goes from destroyed, to destroyer.

She becomes like the devil, stealing men away from life.

If you look at these mentors as the symbols of demons, and not human, as they appear to be, this movie really takes shape.

Reviewed by in1984 6 / 10

Above average

6.5 of 10. While the Saw films accomplished the same modern-day, reality-based blood and gore, the extremes and contraptions involved took a willingness to fantasize to believe something like that could happen. With Julia, there's no need for imagination or fantasy and nearly everything that's left to imagination in other films is visualized on screen.

Amongst other parts of it to enjoy are the soundtrack integration and the focus of the film. It doesn't try to be something more or imply something other than what the story is about.

What's missing seems to be pacing and acting and a few unedited non-sequiturs. Otherwise, you get a goth/emo-chick horror with some mystery without suffering through make believe monsters or heroes.

Reviewed by zmorganchiswick 6 / 10

Not half Bad

Compelling, just for the fact that for the first 30 minutes of the film the audience is left wondering what this spectacular form of therapy is that can free a rape victim. When you realise that it involves cutting dicks off things dip a little. Surely the therapy should be a little less obvious.

I appreciated the concept that to truly become empowered you have to focus on the enemy in general and not the specific offender, which obviously is pretty hard to do. Satisfyingly our protagonist cannot resist and one of the best parts of that is punishing the 'nice guy' who did rape her, but he really didn't want to. Aw bless thinks Julia as she aborts his eyeballs coaxingly telling him "This way I know you will never stand by and watch." I almost expected a high pitched cackle to follow.

I really enjoyed this film as it went full arc. Julia did drink some vodka, hate f**k and castrate some guys, become a lesbian and torture her offenders but it offered something different to the old plot less wonders that so often cross this genre's path. It had a structure, it had a concept which may have seen better days but the therapy idea was good, it just should have been better and original.

The villain at the end was disappointing but I was glad we saw him and that Julia and her aptly named lesbian lover 'Sadie', tag teamed him to the death. Right before Julia realised Sadie had betrayed her and she killed that bitch too, I like it, no riding off into the hoo ha coloured sunset.

Let's just say there have been better but there really have been worse and if someone with an original idea had managed to catch this before it went into production we may have a better film on our hands. As it was, shot - well, music - great, structure - present. Yeah, why not?

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