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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Alex Hesse
Emma Thompson as Dr. Diana Reddin
Danny DeVito as Dr. Larry Arbogast
Christopher Meloni as Mr. Lanzarotta
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Reviewed by (robocoptng986127@aol.com) 8 / 10

Funnier than you might think, worth the rental!

Dr. Alex Hesse works at Leland University with his colleague, Dr. Larry Arbogast. They are developing a new, experimental drug, Expectane, that will ensure pregnancies. So far they've been testing on chimps, but now they want to test it on humans. They meet with the FDA, who turns them down. Alex decided it was time to leave the university, so he packed up his things and left, just as his replacement, Dr. Diana Reddin, arrived. She was smart and beautiful, but very clumsy. Alex wanted to go back home to Europe, but Larry Arbogast wanted to continue experimentation with Expectane.He wanted to try it on, not a female specimen, but a male! He had Alex in mind. Alex declined, but Larry continued to plead with him, so finally he gave in. Larry "borrowed" a frozen egg from Dr. Reddin's cryogenics freezer, mixed in some Expectane and injected them into Alex. Then they perform a test and...Alex was pregnant! Alex stayed with Larry and continued to take Expectane daily. He even went back to work at the university. Right away Diana could tell something was up by the way Alex began throwing up and experiencing cramps. He even had a nightmare about what his baby would look like.

One week later, Larry and Alex go out to dinner, and while Larry strikes a deal with Lyndon Pharmacuticals about marketing Expectane, Alex met Diana, and they dance. On the way home, Alex was seriously wondering what his baby would be like. This rush of hormones began to annoy Larry so he demanded that Alex stop taking Expectane and the embryo inside him would just absorb into his body. Alex didn't want to stop because he really wanted to see his baby, whom he called Junior. So he continued to take Expectane regularly. Ten weeks later, Alex's birthday, he was beginning to show. Larry found out and was not pleased, but he let Alex stay with him again. All the while, the head science professor, Noah Banes, grew suspicious because even though he had the Expectane project shut down, it was still being experimented with; One afternoon while Larry went to the lab, Alex stayed home. Diana suddenly dropped by because she wanted to see him, but acted like she was dropping off a file. Alex, with his rushing hormones tried moving in on Diana, until Larry's ex-wife, Angela, who was also pregnant stopped by. She wanted Larry to treat her, even though he was reluctant to do so. Alex begins living like any other pregnant man and scarfs down a monstrous dinner with Angela. Unfortunately, Larry was not the father of Angela's unborn baby, it was a member of Aerosmith. Boy was Larry Hurt; Noah Banes decided to pay Alex and Larry a visit one afternoon and while snooping around the house, he found their stockpile of Expectane so he thought they had used it to impregnate a woman. Boy was he wrong!

Alex soon finds out that the egg he was injected with had actually been Diana's. She had named it Junior too! When Alex went to the university to tell Diana what has been happening, Banes got a good look at Alex, who was really showing now, and realized it hadn't been a woman they were experimenting on after all. Well, Alex told Diana that the baby inside him was actually THEIRS and, well, she didn't take it too well. That's when Banes burst in and threatened to exploit Alex and his pregnancy. He responded by tossing Banes into a rack of beakers and ran. Larry takes Alex somewhere to hide out for a while. They go to Casitas Madres, a health resort for pregnant women, then Larry leaves for Canada to negotiate with the Lyndon people. Alex tried fitting in among the other pregnant women ala Mrs. Doubtfire. But then, one fateful day, Alex, who has now been pregnant seven months, began to feel...Contractions! Larry called to check in and was told what was up so he dashed home. Diana, who had finally forgiven Alex, also raced over to help. Larry, Alex and Diana race to the hospital where Banes had set up a media circus. There was Paparazzi everywhere. Larry had a plan, so while Alex and Diana sneaked around back, Larry entered the hospital with Angela. With no pregnant man to see, Banes became a laughing stock. He also became unemployed; In the operating room, Dr. Snellin, Louise, and Larry all performed a C-section on Alex and...Before long, the blessed event took place and Alex was a father! Angela also gave birth that night and she proclaimed Larry the honorary father. Well, from then on, our new fathers and new mothers all lived happily ever after.

What can I say about Junior? It was a good movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was good. He is reunited with his co-star from Twins, Danny DeVito and his co-star from Kindergarten Cop, Pamela Reed. Also here is Emma Thompson. Everybody was good in their parts. Sure the movie may be absurd and bizarre at times, I mean when you hear about a pregnant man, you're bound to expect craziness. I wonder if something like that could ever be attempted in real life. But then men having babies would be a lot more trouble than with women. It's the natural order of things I guess, but anyway, if you like Arnold Schwarzenegger (the governor of my state) and Danny DeVito then I recommend Junior, and Twins. See them both! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to see Schwarzenegger pregnant, this is the movie to see it in! I recommend Junior!


Reviewed by cynar1000 8 / 10

Very strange, but funny

My daughters love this movie and I've watched it with them over 100 times. OK, that is excessive and probably unwarranted. But I've really grown to appreciate it. The acting from DeVito, Frank Langella, Pamella Reed and Emma Thompson is great. No scene or action is unnecessary. The scene where Arnold and Pamella are pigging out, cocktail weenies, struedelhounds, DeVito's reaction to "feel how soft my skin is" many more, are hilarious. Arnold is stiff as usual, but he's able to show a convincing transformation. They almost make the premise believable. Bono's rendition of "Got You Under My Skin" at the closing credits is my only fault with the movie.

Reviewed by raduluc 8 / 10

Gotta love Shwartzie da Mom!

Wonderfully light comedy based on a fantastic fiction about a researcher who gets himself pregnant for the sake of Science and Glory, but goes through the nine months for the sake of Motherhood and Baby. There are plenty of plot boo-boos, but the movie is tongue-in-the-cheek throughout, so maybe the boo-boos are meant that way... Anyway, if you don't mind the occasional sexist cliche, and if you want to see Mister (Hollywood) Universe in the charming role of a peaceable pregnant researcher, this movie packs two hours of hearty laughter. In the whole movie, Arnold sends flying only one man, once - the only bad guy in the movie.

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