Just a Little Harmless Sex


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guyb 2 / 10


This movie was very painful to watch. The plot was not new, the acting was on par with average TV sitcoms and the characters were not very likeable. This could have been boiled down to a half hour wednesday night on ABC and not wasted my time. I rented this video based on "two thumbs up by Siskel and Ebert

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 1 / 10

Exceptionally Boring!

This so-called "sex comedy" has very little to recommend it. A one- joke affair that seems to take forever to get to its well- telegraphed "climax", this justly titled "Just a Little Harmless Sex" was obviously directed by someone who realized that the script was so boring that the only chance the producer had of retrieving some of his money was a quick sale to TV. The only trouble with this theory is that Rick Rosenthal was both producer and director, so why he chose to direct EVERY SINGLE CAMERA SET-UP in a boringly relentless TV style, abounding with tight close-ups and two-shots (plus an occasional three for a bit of variety) is a real mystery. Admittedly, the players do make a gallant effort to keep the movie moving, but they are hemmed in by a plot that telegraphs its next scene "surprises" well ahead of the game. How the movie managed to amass such good reviews amazes me. Normally, reviewers would tear apart such a poorly written and over- strenuously acted show that moves with the pace of a snail from one boring, well-telegraphed scene to the next. Admittedly, the players put a lot of effort into their roles, but that's just the problem. Successful acting must SEEM effortless!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

He says, she says

Alan (Robert Mailhouse) and Laura (Alison Eastwood) are married. After a night at the strip club with the boys, Alan picks up a stranded motorist. She turns out to be a hooker and he gets arrested for a bj. Laura throws him out. Brent (William Ragsdale) and Danny (Jonathan Silverman) are his friends. Allison (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and Terrianne (Jessica Lundy) are her friends. Danny considers that it is "Just A Little Harmless Sex".

This is a lot of he says, she says. The structure is too static which makes it kinda boring. The dialog ranges from sitcom level to rom-com level to sometimes a little deeper. While I love most of these actors, Danny is a superficial douche and Brent is also one to a lesser extent. Alan and Laura are a bit too bland. Allison holds some potential because of her feelings. In the end, there is no compelling story and there is simply no tension.

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