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Jonah Hill as Eddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mr_Alphonso 10 / 10

Instant classic. I hate comparing, but it's this year's Juno...

I absolutely loved this film. It's endearing from beginning to end. Seeing it tonight at the DGA was a great way to spend the evening. I had no idea what I was walking into beyond the stellar cast comprised of Dylan Walsh, Tracy Middendorf, Danny DeVito and the ever beautiful Cerina Vincent. Rounding out the cast were a couple cameos including a great turn by uber-slacker Justin Long.

Funny. That's the underlying truth. But without the over-the-top syrup that comedies like this strive for. Dylan's stretching his legs into a new category of his career...a fine actor beyond the scope of Nip/Tuck. I'm anxious to see his role as the psychotic dad in The Stepfather remake lensing right now.

DeVito's voice-over carried the comedic scenes into a hilarious threshold and I found myself clapping while busting a gut at some of the sequences...including a nod at Blazing Saddles with a meth'd out woman punching a dog.

And Hart Bochner. What can I say? He forever left an image opposite Alan Rickman trying to broker a deal in the original Die Hard playing Ellis...well, chalk up his resume to a writer/director to watch in the coming years. He's transitioned quite well and created a gem of a little film.

Brilliant. Not to miss.

Reviewed by Rutger Prins 8 / 10

Light hearted insight into life.

This movie is set in the most hopeless part of American society. Where everyone has a hopeless, pathetic job or no job at all and spend their free time in an equally hopeless and neglecting manner. It's just over the top and presented in a delightful, light hearted way.

It's easy to identify with the lead character who is somewhat more "normal" then the people around him, but too passive to change things. Following his daily routine you realize (at least I did) it's how we all live, just exaggerated.

I found it a sharp comedy in both the humorous and the dramatic sense of the word. I liked it.

Reviewed by I_saw_it_happen 7 / 10

Modest, formulaic, but nice.

This is a quite enjoyable movie, well-made and pretty much an atmosphere piece, which is extremely formulaic (you'll know everything that's going to happen more than half-way through), but actually succeeds at being the sort of 'heart-warming' stuff that so many films market themselves as and fail at.

The humor is just offbeat enough to be particular, and I was actually quite happy to see that there were practically no pop culture references; this is significant, because for me, this means there's an actual story sustaining itself, rather than 'shout-outs' to the audience's immersion in contemporary culture.

And finally, perhaps most significantly: Jonah Hall, who I have disparaged in other posts, and whose acting I generally dislike, was actually quite good in this film. In other films, I've felt as if he was simply trying to imitate 'Cartman' from Southpark; there is a bit of that in this film, but Hall makes the role his own, and actually becomes a character you really care about, and feel Ray's pride and disappointment in. Perhaps Hall is developing as an actor, or perhaps this movie simply allowed him to do a better job.

This is a pretty nice 'date movie'. One of the only 'feel good' movies I've ever seen that wasn't saccharin and annoying.

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