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Stephen Lang as Mayor Pierce
Jackson Rathbone as Thomas McCord
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Melissa
Robert Carradine as Stratton Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alwatts 1 / 10

Find better things to do with your life.

I thought that the day of the good western was still around the corner this mess proves that its not around the corner nor is it anywhere is sight. How it took a bunch of people to write this I have no idea it names three and tells you there may be more guilty of inflicting this on the viewing public.I on't spoil the ending because thats the best part (when the finishing credits roll by) picture a cowboy on a horse we are to believe he has come a long way looking at the absence of any real dust, then the fact he has no bed roll. (the saddle bags seem to come and go ) but as far as having anything to cook with,to sleep on or at some time change a shirt which he does ther is nothing to sustain him come forward a little (that's if you haven't turned it off like i should have)he is asked by the girl (there is always a girl) where is is spending the night to which he answers I will sleep out(what on?)still no food still no blankets cooking gear man this cowboy is tough the town is also a classic there are so many people walking back a forth carts coming down the street its one busy little place in the part of where you and I read the goofs ther is something about the church one better than the one mentioned is that the villains are only a few steps away when the church caves in you would not want to go there on a Sunday with the candles lit. Look if you want excitement don't pick this shocker try an o;d episode of Rawhide.

Reviewed by Whitewraithe 6 / 10

Not bad, but should have been a TV movie

I watched this strictly due to the fact that former Originals co-star Nathan Parsons was the actual star and of course, Jackson Rathbone, from the Twilight films was also in it.

I think Parsons did a fine job portraying a U.S. Marshall. But we're not talking Tombstone here. It was better than mediocre with a solid story that was well driven by a fairly good cast, although they were mostly unfamiliar faces except for Stephen Lang and Ms. Lesley Anne Down.

I remember Lang from years ago on television back in the 60s and 70s playing bad guys. And Ms. Down was considered quite a beauty in her day. Catch some of her earlier work from 30 years ago.

I found it entertaining just to watch Parsons play another character other than a werewolf. It wasn't boring and the story moved fast enough to keep me entertained for 90 minutes. So if you have that much time to spare on a mildly entertaining western film - then enjoy.

Reviewed by Room12 8 / 10

A decent little Western

Obviously a low-budget independent film, the production values transcend it's financial and practical limitations.

Stephen Lang shines as the corrupt mayor, sinking his teeth into the small role he is given. He clearly raised the stakes for the rest of the cast who all delivered decent performances. John Lewis is another standout, who can command attention with merely a cold stare.

I'm not sure if this was intended to be a faith-based film, but fortunately the biblical quotes and religious undertones are kept to a minimum. My only other detracting comment would be lack of character development for the Blacksmith, as I would liked to have known more of his backstory.

Otherwise, a nice little movie with a cool story that actual entertains. Beautiful cinematography and a haunting score also make this a Western not to be missed.


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