Justice League vs. Teen Titans


Action / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
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Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
Taissa Farmiga as Raven / Rachel Roth
Jon Bernthal as Trigon
Jerry O'Connell as Superman / Clark Kent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Jerome 4 / 10

A lot of missed potential

I had been really looking forward to this title, as I was a fan of both "Justice League" and "Young Justice". Unfortunately, this really falls flat. It was certainly not what I was expecting.

For starters, it was disappointing to see the JL operating with an incomplete roster, with Green Lantern and Aquaman missing. The opening scene, where mention is made that they're fighting The Legion of Doom, piqued my interest briefly. This was far from entertaining though as there were only 4 villains involved, without a Black Manta, Giganta or Sinestro anywhere to be seen.

My interest again returned when the image of Titans Tower appeared. Sadly, once again, a mere cast of 4 uninteresting and somewhat flat Titans appeared, with irritating character voices and 2 dimensional personalities. So in short, the characterization was really poor in this movie.

As an adult, I found some scenes embarrassing and cringe worthy to watch, and chose to Fast Forward the entire carnival scene. Maybe this movie was made to appeal to children, but I have felt more comfortable watching "The Challenge of the Superfriends".

By the time the final battle happened, I was already checking my Facebook messages on my iPhone, and wondering what housework needed to be done.

I really wanted this movie to be better, but truthfully, this was a really poor effort. When you hear that the two greatest DC superhero teams are battling each other, you expect fireworks. Unfortunately this provided less sparks than a wet Roman Candle.

Reviewed by Argemaluco 6 / 10

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

I haven't read a Teen Titans comic in more than 20 years, so therefore, I didn't know its modern version under The New 52 continuity. This allowed me to start watching Justice League vs. Teen Titans without particular expectations or particular affection for the characters; unfortunately, I have to say it didn't leave me very satisfied. On the one hand, it properly introduces us to the particular abilities and dynamics of the characters; but on the other hand, I didn't find the story very interesting due to its weak mythology and excessive use of weak mysticism as a replacement of logic and narrative consistency. I think this needs a personal explanation: I generally can't swallow the "cosmic" elements in the superheroes comics, and even less, the stories with magic and demons (with the exceptions of Doctor Strange in Marvel and the Vertigo Universe in DC). I almost always find them confusing and with an excessive tendency to "deus ex-machina", in which things aren't solved with ingenuity, strength or strategy, but arbitrary spells and forced invocations... something which exactly describes the second half of Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Too much hocus-pocus and very little creative effort. On the positive sides, the voice actors make a solid work in their roles, highlighting Taissa Farmiga, Brandon Soo Hoo and Jake T. Austin; on the other side of the coin, the quality of the animation is quite mediocre. In conclusion, I think Justice League vs. Teen Titans is the DC animated film I have liked the least, but I have to admit it didn't bore me, so I can give it a slight recommendation to DC followers who know where they are getting into. For the rest of the audience, it will be an obtuse and frustrating experience because the screenplay doesn't offer detailed explanations or concrete "origins" (well, maybe one). But, well... not all the films belonging to the DC Animated Universe can be as interesting and satisfactory such as Justice League: The New Frontier or Batman: Year One.

Reviewed by whitewhorl 1 / 10

Once again the most powerful Titan is the helpless sap

I don't get it? You make an entire movie about Trigon, the father of Raven, and yet miraculously manage to avoid giving Raven any screen- time and instead showcasing the same boy wonder that everybody hates.

Once again we have another movie where all of the seasoned professionals get the crap beat out of them while some bratty 12 year old child 'saves' them all. I can't even count how many times Raven ends up sat around being helpless while Robin is waltzing around saving the day, as if she's not the most powerful Titan, yet all she does is cry on the floor and get exhausted every time she exerts the tiniest bit of effort?

Don't even get me started on the voice acting. Starfire? Averagely okay. Raven's voice acting? Diabolical and devoid of any inflection or tone.

If you wanna watch 40 minutes of some 12 year old pest playing dance mats, which then progresses into Raven being helpless for the rest of the movie, then this is the movie for you.

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