Justice League: War


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Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman
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Ioan Gruffudd as Thomas Morrow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by superman_l79 5 / 10

Very Disappointing...

I have said for years now, since the DC Comics animated movies started with Superman: Doomsday, that these movies could be made into full theatre release features. Overall, I like them better than the live action movies that DC does. I enjoyed the Nolan Batman series and I liked Man of Steel as well but the DC animated movie line just got it right every time.

Then, I watched Justice League: War...What the Hell Happened?!?!?!?!

The voice acting was terrible (with the exception of Shemar Moore/Cyborg and Chris Gorham/Flash). I will say though, I thought that Jason O'Mara as Batman wasn't awful. It's just somehow not the same when it's not Kevin Conroy. That being said though...actors like Jeremy Sisto, Peter Weller and Bruce Greenwood have done a good job at bringing a voice to the Dark Knight. O'Mara just wasn't quite good enough yet to convince me he was Batman.

The story was supposed to be adapted from the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee story that introduced the Justice League to the New 52 Universe of DC. It was a great story and great art! As blah as I have felt about the new direction DC Comics has taken I have loved the Justice League books so far. Plus, this story gave a great insight into the new take on these characters with their new looks, attitudes and the way they were introduced to each other. It all worked so well. That feeling was completely lost in this animated adaptation.

There were many specific things that made me feel that this movie was inferior to the previous DC animated releases: 1. Darkseid: He was lame and became the ridiculous generic bad guy they made him out to be in the Super Friends cartoons back in the 80's. He even had that annoying, graveled voice similar to how he sounded back then. Good fit for what Super Friends was, bad for this movie. 2. I may be the only person to say this but…Where the hell was Aquaman? I enjoyed his character in the DC Comics version of this story. In fact, he has become quite the bad ass in the New 52 universe and they toss him out for… 3. Shazam! OK, while I respect the direction they've taken with the new origin of this character in the comics I did not like his addition to this story nor his characterization. Besides, if you're going to replace a central character from the original story why use Shazam? (Who will always be named Captain Marvel to me, not sharing his name with the Wizard that gave him his powers.) We already have Superman in the mix, why bring in Shazam? Now I've always liked Sha…I can't do it…Capt. Marvel and while I realize he's similar to Superman they are different characters. Bottom line though, if they wanted to have a story with the new Capt. Marvel they should've made a movie about his new origin. 4. Could Wonder Woman have been any cornier?! I see the direction they were trying to take but it took a wrong turn. She sounded like she could've been a perfect fit for the campy old Batman TV show. (Love that show though by the way.) Her characterization was not a fit for this story. And did we really need the ice cream scene? 5. Superman and Green Lantern's voices did not match them at all in my opinion. Once again, I think I know what they were attempting to do but it just didn't work. These characters are based off their new looks and attitudes from the New 52 storyline but the voices just didn't fit that for my taste. GL just came off as a stupid blowhard as opposed to a headstrong newbie with his ring. And Superman…Alan Tudyk is a good actor and all but I didn't feel he was a good fit for the Man of Steel. Superman should have a commanding yet understated voice being a Kansas boy. Granted this was an interpretation of the new Superman who has not been in action for long and hasn't fully developed into his role as a hero but he came off way too cocky and kind of a douche. 6. OK, I'm an adult and I'm not saying that my language is completely clean. Plus, some of the DC animated movies lately have had mildly harsh language lately (as well as Lois Lane giving Brainiac the finger in Superman: Unbound) but this movie took it a bit too far I think. Sure they may have been trying to match the gritty nature that the New 52 is taking in the comics but this just seemed forced. "Hey, it's the New 52 style so we should probably have people cursing a lot." MINOR DIALOGUE SPOILER... 7. This may be nit-picky but…When the President asks what their team's name is at the end of the movie, Sha…Captain Marvel says "The Super Seven!" I'm sorry, not only did you have him replace Aquaman, now we're giving him lines from characters that are ACTUALLY STILL IN THE STORY?! Flash said that when asked in the comic story.

Overall, this movie was sub-par from the movies released previously from DC. I hope that they don't feel that the continuation of their animated films has to stay along this line because there are many great stories from before the New 52 that could still be adapted to the small screen. Get your act together DC…

Reviewed by grast5150 3 / 10

Fun to watch, but warnings ahead

I am not impressed with the latest re-envisioning of DC characters. Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are HORRIBLE. The voice acting is OK but the dialog is horrible especially for Wonder Woman. I was disappointed to see how the story illustrated Superman. Since when is Superman a spoiled uncontrolled arrogant punk. That is Captain Marvel. I saw nothing of the reserved and respectful Superman which I grew up with. Green Lantern was a little bit too cocky. His powers were a bit too scaled down for me.

The story was OK as a whole but the new character from the NEW 52 did not resonate with me.


Reviewed by Joseph Kalai 6 / 10

Grade: C+ - a weak effort by DC Animation

Grade: C+

This was a weak effort by DC Animation (DCA), especially following The Flashpoint Paradox, Doom and Crisis on Two Earths. It was let down critically in several areas, namely in Voice acting, Characterization and Plot.

Voice acting & Characterization:

Superman - Alan Tudyk is miscast in this. He is unable to effectively personify the hero that Superman is and comes off a bit of douchebag in certain moments. The costume he wears in this is not classic...and IMHO it does not look great. They could have updated it without losing the iconic look too much (e.g. Man of Steel).

Supes himself comes off as having a God-complex in this film. He does not seem the noble, self-sacrificing, protect the innocent type of hero we've all come to know and love. He also seems mildly de-powered, though he is easily the most physically supreme of the lot. As usual he disappears half-way through the film and needing Bats to save his ass.

Batman - Jason O'Mara did an OK job with gravitas. Strangely he sounded a bit of a mix between Kevin Conroy and David Hayter (Metal Gear series) - which is a good thing. Bats is well characterized in this film and comes across as the investigative lone-wolf type hero.

WW - Michelle Monaghan admirably captured WW quite well. The character was also kick-ass (with a nice ass!) and very warrior-like. Well done!

Flash - Chris Gorham did Flash well. He was also portrayed well being slightly more mature in attitude without lacking the wisecracks.

Green Lantern - poor characterization. While Justin Kirk did the voice OK, the character lacks maturity and is not a leader-type. This is more the Ryan Reynolds version of Hal at work.

Cyborg - well done Shemar! Super character to introduce in greater detail.

Captain Marvel - welcome back Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee)! Great job and good character as a boy with Superpowers.

Darkseid - poorly executed. They reduced him to a brawler instead of a master schemer. Insanely powerful though, able to resist the entire Justice League all at once.

Animation style: This is more Korean anime style (as opposed to Japanese anime) which I find more appealing. It tends to moderate between Japanese and Western animation styles. Those who dislike Japanese anime style may find this more tolerable.

Plot: Weak JL genesis plot. Darkseid's invasion play has no clear motive other than to obtain Kal-El. The rest of the heroes are just there because...well...they need to be there to.become.the.Justice.League. Right? ;)

Overall: Poor effort by DCA. I feel they let themselves down by approving an underpar script and miscasting Superman. It doesn't compare favorably to past efforts though still watchable for fans.

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