Justin Bieber's Believe


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ballsareshaking chung 1 / 10

Kids, wake up!

It still amazes me how successful this broad has become. Let's face it, his talent is very limited. His voice is very common and all his songs suck. He has no charisma and he knows it. So what does he do? He tries to cover up by putting up a pretty boy front which has fooled the prepubescent community. His popularity is gradually diminishing as his prepubescent fans grow up and realize how silly they were. I wonder, when Bieber's time under the spotlight is up, would his name echo in eternity and make the history books? Will people be talking about him in the same breath as Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley? Absolutely not. He did not revolutionize singing or dancing in any way. Bieber is a waste of time, we should brush him aside and pave the way for more talented artists so we can be spoiled by the MJs and Elvises again. Kids, please don't waste your parents money on his concert tickets, albums or any Bieber merchandise. Don't you think it's ridiculous that talentless broads like Bieber can enjoy the same fame and success as those legends that I mentioned earlier? Please stop being the catalyst behind the death of good music.

Reviewed by LegionOfRock 1 / 10

A Nomination? For What? The WORST Documentary Alive?

I'm sorry but I hate Justin Bieber and everything he stands for. I don't see why many people many so many TV movies or documentaries of him and his life. He is way too young and too talentless that he doesn't deserve that much fortune, but Jon M. Chu, a big fan of Bieber, wanted to make his fame grow bigger. Like we want to see this douche again. He is talentless and his songs still don't improve. The editing in this documentary is very amateurish and seeing a hour with this kid is like pain to the balls. I can't write a long review for this movie because I actually had the balls to walk out of the theater cause the film really was that bad. 1/5

Reviewed by mrlegofan404 1 / 10

This Time I've Actually Watched It And It Sucked.

I'm beginning to wonder how the makers of this document were during the makings:

"Hey! I got a idea. Let's make another documentary about Justin Bieber for more money!"

"Oh that is such a delightful idea, Mr. Jon M. Chu! Very delightful!"

"But wait! Let's put it in theaters too! We could waste anyone's time in no time!"

That's all. This movie is a waste of time and it didn't need to be made. Justin Bieber still can't sing at all, still talentless, and he is given too much credit for this movie to be made. Never Say Never was enough, but nope. They just went off the ledge with Justin Bieber's Believe. The whole production is very amateurish with the same spunky music that if I heard more than once, I'll screw my ears off with a screw driver. Seriously, it's that bad. Not even I would recommend this to bad movie fans. My favorite part watching this was when I did a drinking game where Justin Bieber sang with his pretty boy voice and it was a poor waste of my coco cola.

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