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Keanu Reeves as Keanu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Greene 4 / 10

Far From Purrr-fect

Comedy is subjective. Trying to explain why something does or doesn't make you laugh is like trying to explain why you think certain foods are delicious; how do you make someone experience your experience? For example, the sketch show "Key & Peele", while often a smart satire on race and sex, was simply and inexplicably hilarious to me. On the other hand, Keanu, a film created and starring the same dudes, has (arguably) nowhere near the laughs. Despite some all-in comedic performances from two of the most talented guys around, it simply isn't very funny. Through a series of unfortunate events, two mild-mannered men go looking for a kitten and find themselves in the midst of a war between competing drug gangs. Key and Peele display the same comedy-in-sync-ness they became famous for, and they deserve a vehicle much better than this to display their skill. Unfortunately the movie itself never quite finds its balance. It's an absurdist comedy that feels both too absurd and not absurd enough. The plot is shoddy at best, and the shallow levels of character give way to whatever joke seems to be funniest at that moment. None of that would matter, of course, if I just found the movie more consistently funny. Not that it's devoid LOL moments; Key and Peele both have a knack for putting a twist on a line or a facial expression to give it an added layer of wit (i.e. how they act when they think they're about to be killed). Unfortunately, they have created such anticipation through years of brilliant TV work, anything less than wall-to-wall guffaws can be a disappointment.

Reviewed by Quietb-1 3 / 10

Cute cat but not much more.

it is always difficult to combine excessive violence and comedy and come out with something that works. Here is another example of why it doesn't work. There is nothing funny about murders and gangs shooting it out.

The cat who never grows past being a kitten is the highlight of the movie. It is watchable when there is a cute cat on screen. Most of the other stuff you have seen before. There's the club, the drugs and the salty redundant language.

There is no need to pay to see this in a theater. It will play just as mediocre on a home platform. A cat might have nine lives. Unless you have time to spare, no need to waste it on this one.

Reviewed by Chris Ober 5 / 10

Has its moments but not enough for me.

I am a huge fan of Key and Peele. Their show was my whole existence and I still go around doing the "I said biiiitch" skit everywhere I go. So with this, I was expecting a good bit of laughs to come of 'Keanu' but I was left a little disappointed. 'Keanu' was not a total fail, it had its moments, in my opinion, but to me it felt like an overly drawn out K&P skit on their show. Mostly a third season skit at that. Key and Peele themselves were naturally hilarious as usual. Their deliverance is perfect it was just the material was beaten to death to me. Overall, not terrible but not great. Just an average comedy from excellent comedians.... The cat was cute though.

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