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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chaudryhaseeb 7 / 10

A Wonderful journey and Surprisingly good movie

I just finished watching Khumba and i found it very interesting, enjoyful and funny to watch. This is by no means only a child movie, even adults will enjoy them. I liked it :) To begin with? The animation is wonderful(at one moment i thought, is this animation), the story is moving, the characters are well written and lovable. Even the "side villain dog" is lovable and funny in a way. You may find out the story a little stereotypical but the journey it will take you through is enjoyable and you are not bored at all. OK the Ostrich is sometimes a bit over. Thats all. There are other characters like tiger, buffalo, rabbit, eagle, Gazelles, hedgehogs apart from zebras that you will surely enjoy.

I even enjoyed it more than "Frozen" which is creating a hype nowadays. Just go ahead don't listen to negative criticism and give it a watch.

This is my first review ever here and English not my first language so please ignore any errors.

I give it 7.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by Neil Welch 7 / 10

Not bad

Khumba is a young zebra who is only partly striped. Blamed for drought, he goes off to search for a magical waterhole accompanied by a lady water buffalo and a camp ostrich, and hunted by a leopard.

This is a workmanlike CGI feature aimed at kids, and quite effective. It suffers from fairly mercilessly calling up The Lion King in its early stages (most of the Lion King characters have analogues, the character dynamics and motivations are similar, and it even has Pride Rock in it), but it settles down to tell its own story. Animation and voices are good (Liam Neeson is particularly effective), and there are some gorgeous lighting effects.

This is entertaining if unexceptional.

Reviewed by tmmiki 10 / 10

A nice message for kids

An excellent movie for children. Best of Kumbha is that unlike other children's films, has a nice positive message against discrimination and transmitted to children important values.

The movie is entertaining, is not boring and has very funny parts, the kids really enjoy seeing it.

The film is suitable for children, unlike other films like 'UP' or 'Monsters.SA', you will not find adult humor hidden or double meanings, everything is exclusively aimed at children.

Note that it is not a blockbuster like Disney or Pixar studios, since the quality of the 3D animation is not as good as these, the 3d has good quality.

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