Kill Your Friends


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Nicholas Hoult as Stelfox
Ed Skrein as Rent
Rosanna Arquette as Barbara
James Corden as Waters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by junkmailspamer 4 / 10

Please stop comparing it to American Psycho

Probably not a spoiler cause I am going to be vague, but marked just in case. I don't care for the thinking that this is the American Psycho of this generation. I loved American Psycho, I mean, feed me the kitty is gold. I didn't get that humor from this and it is much more simplistic psychologically. The start of Kill Your Friends is definitely setting the same tone and the homages were noticed and appreciated. I am all about the amoral character and loved those moments. Kill Your Friends has some seriously dark, cynical humor and that is awesome.

The problem is that the path of these two movies is very different. One is all about the decent of the mind and the realization of what can happen with an unreliable narrator. That is satire. Business card scene anyone? This movie does not have a decent into madness story line that develops the character as you are along for the ride. Instead, it has a decent into whiny bitchdom with no real reason or purpose to it other than to fill time. I got bored at some point and was wondering what happened to the film that I was initially watching.

*spoiler* it does redeem itself in the final act as he realizes who he is surrounded by. However, even that was a stupid moment as he started off telling us that exact thing and yet, he somehow forgot while he was curled up in a ball crying. I say it is a movie in three acts and the second act is when you should go get that popcorn. You won't miss anything meaningful.

Like, unfortunately most things nowadays, it is simple and shallow if you want to compare it to the past. It is not the next American Psycho movie, but I have a feeling it is probably a hilarious book.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 7 / 10

Entertaining enough to me

The movie is all about Steven Stefox (played by Nicholas Hoult), a guy working in the music industry, as a guy that is supposed to discover and sign new bands. He's not very good at his job, so he tries other ways to achieve his goals. I'm not sure why it's also categorized as a comedy because you won't laugh one bit. It's more a crime story with a lot of drugs and a narrating voice describing what to do to make it in the music industry. It's entertaining to watch. Steven is a narcissistic person, addicted to fancy drugs, and doing everything it takes to make it to the top. There are no likable characters in the movie but that's not the point. They are all career driven and very egoistic. Since it is about the music industry you have a lot of tunes, some good ones but also bad ones. It's not a bad movie even though I saw better similar ones.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Great satire on the music industry.

I like Nicholas Hoult enough to check out the movie when I saw the poster at my local theater, plus I became really found of music around the time period the movie takes place in and was a fan of the Britpop thing going on at the time. Also, this is the second time I've seen Hoult do something that was not Superhero or genre (the first being Dark Places, starring Charlize Theron).

Although the title did make it seem like it may be a horror movie. In a way. it is, especially if you seen American Psycho.

Hoult plays a brutally honesty (which makes him very unlikeable) A&R rep for a record label, who's trying to climb to the top of the ladder, at the same time trying to find the next Britpop sensation. He falls under all the clichés of a man trying to reach the top, coping with stress with sex and drugs, all the while trying to be the cool guy in the room. Then we discover how far he will go to climb up that ladder to success, of which the term back stabbing does not fully explain.

It's brilliant as a satire on the music industry as a whole during that time. They go over the bubblegum pop machine that is boy bands and pretentiousness of bands that want to be considered indi, it even pokes fun of the techno scene that was developing and the moment when Hip hop was about to dominate. No stone is left unturn making it a hard hitting poke at whatever category you fit in and really hopes you have a good sense of humor about it.

Holt plays the villainous protagonist that has become popular on TV (like Tony Sprano and Walter White). It's something different than the Awkward but good looking kid he plays in a lot of his movies and he handles that fact that not everyone will fancy his character and keeps it completely true to form.

For everyone who remembers the late 90s and loves stories on the music industry.

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