Killing Season


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Robert De Niro as Benjamin Ford
John Travolta as Emil Kovac
Milo Ventimiglia as Chris Ford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by millovanoviczlatko 1 / 10

Simply Ignorant

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm 5 min. into this monstrosity and my head is going to explode of the amount of impudence displayed. Here are some facts for you dumb Hollywood writers!

- Serbian army could have not invaded Bosnia simply because it DID NOT EXIST at that time. There was only Yugoslavian national army (JNA), and BOSNIA WAS NOT A STATE(witch was a reason of conflict in the first place).

- American troops, or by the way, any other troops HAVE NEVER BEEN DEPLOYED and the operation "Delibarate force" was NOT A GROUND OPERATION, but senseless bombing of military/civil targets (as it always is by America/NATO).

- "The Scorpions" (Travolta) were never captured by NATO troops, they were trialled in Serbia years later.

But hey, at least they got the Serbian language right! Im gonna force myself to watch this to the end, just to see what else is messed up, and I think De Niro and Travolta should shoot themselves after making such a retarded film. Seriously guys, do some reading before you take the role.

Reviewed by laserburn 4 / 10

A movie that could have been very good

For starters, the movie gets absolutely everything wrong about events of the Bosnian war, but since such ignorance is expected from Hollywood, there is no reason to hold it against this particular title.

The premise of the movie is good, the basic story is decent, but the script could have been better written, the two main characters' stories never get satisfyingly developed. If this was directed by John McTiernan as originally planned, this would have been a great movie. Sadly, instead we got the guy who did Daredevil and he once again delivered a bland, uninspiring product. Acting is OK, Travolta did his best to hold a consistent accent (it was the wrong accent, but hey!) throughout the movie, while DeNiro looked more like he was only concerned with the paycheck.

All in all, the movie is not terrible, I guess it wouldn't kill you to watch it if you have nothing better to do for an hour and a half. The sad part is that this could have been a much, much better movie, perhaps even a classic.

Reviewed by WillWong101 1 / 10

One of the worst movies I've ever watched

This movie seems like it was written and directed by a couple of 12-year old boys. It's an awful pile of steaming cheese.

What was De Niro thinking? Travolta doesn't surprise me - he has a knack for picking stinkers.

It was excruciating from start to finish - filled with cliches, bad acting, ridiculous fight scenes, laughable plot, Travolta droning on in some pseudo-Serbian accent, and old man De Niro hobbling through the forest. Not sure how it could have been any worse.

Do not pay money to see this movie. In fact, just don't watch it at all. Life is too short to waste on this kind of dung.

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