King of the Gypsies


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcdoodad49 8 / 10

Eric Roberts was great

I first saw this film at a theatre in 1978 and have only seen it on television once. I can't remember what attracted me to seeing it, but it was a surprisingly good movie. Eric Roberts showed the industry that he can act and be very convincing. The central actors must have studied gypsy life because they pulled it off very well. The film is mostly about the tension of the next successor to the throne (Judd Hirsch) and his son (Eric Roberts) whom the present King (Sterling Hayden) favors as his actual successor. Hirsch plays a cold, scheming character who finally does one of the most despicable acts a person can do, and shows no remorse for it. This, in turn, sparks retaliation from his son. If I ever find it on DVD, it will become part of my collection. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by sol1218 7 / 10

I don't want a nurse I want a cigarette!

***SPOILERS*** 22 year old Eric Roberts tears up the screen in his film debut a Dave the heir apparent to take over his dying grandpa's King Zhavico Stepanowicz's, Sterling Hyden, title as the "King of the Gypsies". This doesn't go too well with Dave's dad Groffo, Judd Hirsh, who's gambling wife beating and all around incompetence as a Gypsie chieftain had him get disqualified, by his dad King Zhavico, for that long sought and coveted honor.

As for Dave he had since became disillusioned with his nomadic Gypsie life-style in him having an all-American girlfriend the milky white and strawberry blond Sharon, Annette O'Toole, as well as getting a job, against his family's advice, as a singing waiter at the famed Moma Leone's Restaurant in New York City. Dave now plans to go to California together with Sharon and start up his singing career by becoming, as a guest in a series of local and network armature night TV shows, the next American Idol. That's just how confident Dave is in his amazing, that had Sharon fall in love with him, crooning & singing abilities.

It's when Dave tries to save his 12 year-old sister Tita, Brooks Shields, form her being forced to marry this overstuffed an corn chip munching couch potato who's parents she was sold, by her dad Groffo, to be marry to that he took things into his own hands. Tita is deeply in loved with the cute and lovable Eli Marks, who from the sound of his name isn't a Gypsie, and is determined to marry him even if it ends up having her estranged from her family and people the Gypsies.

With King Zhavko handing over the leadership to Dave over his dad Groffo the battle-line was drawn for he epic and final conflict for Gypsie supremacy in all of New York Sate and parts Eastern Pennsylvania: The area that King Zhavko reigns over. All that's left for the fighting to begin is for the ailing King Zhavko to breath his last breath which, as he's lying in his hospital bed on life support, will come at any moment! Powerful and electrifying performance by Eric Roberts as Dave Stepanowicz lifts the movie "King of the Gypies" up to Academy Award levels. Even though newcomer Roberts has to compete with seasoned stage and movie veteran and Academy Award quality actors and actress like the aforementioned Sterling Hyden and Judd Hirsh. Roberts also more then hold his own against such top-flight actresses like Shelly winters, as Queen Racael his grandma, and Susan Sarandon, as Dave's mother Rose, as well as young 12 year-old sensation child model Brook Shields who plays his tragic and love sick-for non Gyspie Eli Marks-sister Tita.

***SPOILERS***Explosive final with Dave having it out with his vindictive dad Groffo, whom he replaced as the "King of the Gypsies", at the exclusive Gypise social club in midtown Manhattan. In the end Dave finally realizes that he can't escape his fate, in him being the "King of the Gypsies", he then reluctantly follow in his grandfathers footsteps knowing full well that that's the only life he was born into and will remain, like his Grandpa Zhavko, until his dying day.

Reviewed by redbirdbeat 5 / 10

Good Rainy Day Viewing

This movie was panned by critics, but it seems to have gained cult status among those who like 70s films.

I liked it simply for its fascinating subject--Gypsies in modern day urban America.

This is certainly not a definitive study of the culture, but it is exciting and most of the acting is solid. Roberts and Shields are incredibly beautiful, and the cinematography has that ripe, but overcast look you see in so many films released during the era. Stephane Grapelli's violin in the background adds weight to the glorious score.

The biggest downside is Sterling Hayden's performance. His voice tends to rupture and bark in its heaviness; it lacks nuance. Also, I sometimes felt embarrassed for Sarandon. Though she was perfectly cast, she seems embarrassed herself at times; there is a brief scene where she has to dance, and her body language suggests she's thinking "Do I still have time to reconsider?" Another problem is the continuity. Where was the script supervisor? Shield's character was supposedly born in the 1940s, but when we see her again as a young teenager, it is clearly the late 1970s. You hear Disco in the background, see the long leather coats, and wait for John Travolta to make a grand entrance.

But enough of my nit-picking. Maybe this is not the finest film, but it is indeed a *fun* film. The subject is intriguing, and the plot itself is good. What it lacks in directorial perfection, it makes up for in soul.

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