Kingdom Come


Action / Horror

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Ellie O'Brien as Ceilia Scott
Kirsten Comerford as Sarah Becker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kuashie 7 / 10

Its a little underrated.

Now this movie is not one of those with star cast, fancy effects or big ass budgets.

With that said I think this movie deserves some appreciation with the effort that was put into providing a good plot and twists.

Even with the many flaws in acting during the first couple of minutes, it improved to some extent as the movie progressed. Truth be told, I nearly quit watching after just the first five minutes. I only continued watching so I can see how worst the acting gets, however it turned out I was in for a little surprise.

After the introduction of all the characters, my perception of the movie changed. I was wondering who was who, I was also trying to predict what would happen only to fail.

That encouraged me to watch more and more until the ending, where I witnessed one of the most unique endings to a horror movie I have watched in while.

If you ask me this movie doesn't provide star actors or super star acting. But what it does provide is a good plot with a seriously unpredictable events making for an entertaining movie.

Reviewed by Sezbo Brown 1 / 10

If you've had an abortion you're going to hell.

I give this movie props for trying to make unusual demon creatures. They were kinda creepy looking and it was a refreshing look. That's about it. I personally think this Movie was made by a pack of hardcore Christian anti Abortionists?. To even comprehend that you can get 'redemption' for being a hardcore Pedophile or pushing your daughter down the stairs cause she was dating a Black guy and then letting him to go to jail for the murder?. But its an absurd idea to get redemption cause you had an Abortion because you are the ultimate sinner. Come on. Pushing an Agenda much?

Please ban these people from making a movie ever again.

Reviewed by begob 3 / 10

Bumpy ride

Seems to have a solid premise, and it kept me interested for about half an hour. Then the pace dropped and the dialogue fell apart, with lots of irritating Q&A and some lines that any actor would be ashamed to deliver. Apart from the guy who plays the devil with a double helping of blue cheese: "enduring that kind of pain must be unbearable - mwahaha". Yes, that bad.

You end up with cardboard characters in a dumb morality play. Plus the premise becomes confused because the victims start out dead, but then two are alive. Plus those stupid demons. Not only is there nothing new in this, it deteriorates so badly that you can sense the cast losing all conviction.

It is worth waiting to find out why the little girl is in the movie. But too many things have gone wrong by that stage. Totally ham-fisted.

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