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Samuel L. Jackson as Lieutenant Karl Aker
India Eisley as Sawa
Danny Keogh as Clive Thornhill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by in1984 7 / 10

Drugs, Guns, Societal Collapse, Hot Hair, and a Kite

7.25 of 10. 20-30 years ago this would have been a great film, bordering on academy award winning material. 15 years ago it would be great still but no longer close to being sci-fi.

Now, it's still entertaining and a quality film, just not worthy of being called science fiction. It's more of an alternate reality that seems more real and likely for Detroit than Robocop.

Regardless of its classification, it is manga/hentai-like minus the graphic nudity and sex. It does show that the stories behind those seemingly sex-only comics and cartoons can be made into quality films. What it also shows, however, is the need to update the technology embedded in the story if you don't want it to seem like a lost 1990s indie film.

Reviewed by kk-yanakiev 7 / 10

4.3- rly IMDb?!

OK, so I haven't heard a single thing about this movie prior to seeing the title. I saw the poster-> I saw the trailer-> I read the reviews and this is what I did. I went in and watched the anime. I'd say don't do it :). It's just porn that is. Or at least some substantial part of it. I got to know the characters and then went in and watched the movie.

I don't know what the other people saw, but the movie is WAYYY above 4.3. I mean it's no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, and the budget wasn't even average probably, but come on 4.3>? I tell you this, it's better than most of this month's movies like No good deed, November man, As above so below, The giver, The Strain, Hercules, Sex Tape, TMNT etc., etc. in my opinion of course. Actually it's better than most of the stuff that came out all summer (with notable exceptions of course- Edge of tomorrow FTW!)

The adaptation is very well done, without excess nudity and sex, which I find as BIG plus. I am tired of tits, asses and Hollywood crap. Without spoiling anything, I think the movie is a solid candidate for a night with friends or if you dig dark, gritty and a bit different movies.

Solid 7 for me. At least it made me want to see what's gonna happen next, which is more than I can say for most of the productions coming out lately.

Reviewed by rik-vanoijen 7 / 10

Decent action movie

Reviews on this seem to range between worst ever and careful analysis of the movie compared to real live. Hello? It is an action movie, with futuristic elements to boot. Also, most reviewers have suspiciously only reviewed 1 or 2 movies and an IMDb account for several weeks or months. I call those reviews in doubt.

Is it a great movie. No. But neither are most movies by Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stalone and basically anything by Michael Bay. And still, most of you watch it. Quite frankly I rather watch this than yet another Die Hard franchise movie or something out of the Expandable series which is basically recycling for has-been actors.

So what DO we have here. Just a nice action movie, manga remake such as Aeon Flux or Ultra Violet, while the style is more reminiscent of Leon or Banlieu 13 (both by Luc Besson), but without the quality of either of the latter. Just a nice movie on a Saturday night or a rainy day with friends watching a cute naive girl kicking the crap out of some guys. Don't analyze the characters or the story, as you wouldn't with the majority of these kinds of movies, and you'll be OK.

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