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Hrithik Roshan as Jay Ray
Bárbara Mori as Natasha
Kangana Ranaut as Gina B. Grover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChrisTreborn 9 / 10

This is GOLD, only watch the INTERNATIONAL English Version

I am not into dumb Musical movies, especially Bollywood ones and when I got the Chance for Special screening of Kites, I simply turned down. But I decided to give a try for it's International Version crafted by the XMEN 3 LAST STAND director Brett Ratner.

I expected a mediocre typical Bollywood Stupid Musical Dance movie, but this one broke the mold. This movie will be remembered as the Trendsetter of Hindi films in the International Grounds.

It is a Rollar Coaster film, but with a Heart. I don't want to spoil all the story but it reminds me some of the movies like Stallone/Sharon Stone's Specialist, Mr & Mrs Smith, Bonnie & Clyde, even a Hindi film Daud, but all those stands down in-front of Kites.

I don't know how the Hindi version would look like, how the conservative audience react to Kites. With some Intense Physical scenes and unique narration which really required for the story material, I think this movie is going to be a "Love It or Hate It" category.

The thing I don't like in this movie is the Love story itself, because it's too aimed for Female "Twilight" Audience who worships Romance. Other than that it's a Total Adrenaline movie, with great cast and good locations. The main leading man Hrithik Roshan I think is a well trained actor, with great physique and fight/dance abilities. This could be his "Enter The Dragon" in Hollywood.

Also I have to give credit for Brett Ratner for his experimental Remixed version for the Movie. With no Reshoots, just with the Original and unused material he made the perfect Crossover Product for an Asian film. By hiring composer Graeme Revell the movie got a new dimension and a fresh soul. The action scores and emotional themes heard in the movie were so brilliant, it definitely going to be Graeme Revell's best work after Daredevil and Freddy vs. Jason.

My recommendation only watch the International Cut. It's more cooler, edgy and Real. It is much shorter than the Asian version I heard and much stylish. Also it got no Dumb Song dance numbers (except the last one, which was done brilliantly by lead actor Hrithik Roshan).

Anyway I give this movie 9 out of 10.

Kites = The Next Level

Reviewed by littlecup 8 / 10

That is called being impetuous

I like the movie. It ain't bad like others describe. Ever tried watching Babel. You know there are times when we've gotta be impetuous and need to have some adrenaline rush. It feels good. There are some guys who only want some family sentiment, some monkey dance, and happy ending. They are hypocrites. They wanna live far from reality. Somebody said that Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. This movie follows this rhythm. Sometimes everything is not happy and despair does teach us guide us in a new path.

The performances are good and the chemistry is good. Hrithik should have bettered himself in some scenes like at the bar & making jokes while robbing a bank. There are some goofs though. Barbara is gorgeous and performance is good. Anurag has done good job. But, the only fault is that they should n't have released in India. Like I said, they want some monkey dances and some nonsensical goof romancing with a stupid chick and some opposition from parents and happy ending. It takes few more ages to let them grow out of it.

Overall, It has some adrenaline rush,romance & good ending.

I would give 8/10 as its made by an Indian trying to catch up with the world cinema or more simply real cinema.

Reviewed by Imran Zunzani 10 / 10

Tranquily Frenetic?

Boy; after so many disheartening feedbacks from my friends; I actually enjoyed the movie. Hrithik; truly is the most charismatic actor of India. Barbara Mori's acting; her expressions; her smiles all are fabulous. She was great in the movie. I like the background scores and songs are also good. The best segment of the movie was about the dilemma of the protagonists and their snapping out of it. How two people could be entwined; purely due to feelings; traversing region, language; be it their destiny; is beautifully portrayed. Although; I didn't like the ending, but it is believable; as it is not necessary that things ought to end happily. Also, Hrithik's dance, at the movie's preamble is great; as all of us are aware of this talent of his. Surely, the movie doesn't tell a completely unique or 'not seen/heard before' kind of love story; but the direction, great acting and the composing elements like scenes, landscapes, cinematography and music does make it worth watching for a great experience, when you are completely free and in a blue/romantic mood. Great Movie; 10/10.

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