Knock Knock


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Keanu Reeves as Evan Webber
Lorenza Izzo as Genesis
Colleen Camp as Vivian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr_Sagan 5 / 10

Poor Neo...

There are already ...261 (!) reviews for this B (or maybe C?) movie that came out only 2 months ago and that means something, i think.

First of all this is a remake of the movie "Death Game (1977)" starring Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp. The 2 women are serving as producers in the 2015 version while Colleen Camp also stars in a minor role.

This is Camp-y movie (pun intended!) with a lot of torture horror and a couple (mild in my opinion) erotic scenes. The 2 main actresses Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas look crazy enough but Keanu Reeves's performance leave a lot to be desired. Maybe we have used to see him as a hero (from the Matrix to John Wick) and we cannot accept to watch him being lame and weak.

There is obviously a moral here, but the question "who could resist" is also strongly present.

As a movie it's OK and you might have some fun watching it, but if you can't stand movies where the "hero" does all the wrong moves maybe you should avoid it. The direction of photography is bright and that's a plus, but if you are a careful viewer you will find a lot of goofs including numerous continuity errors which could ruin some of the fun.

In the end you might want for the movie to last a couple of minutes more to see the outcome or even the true motives of what just happened...

Overall: Not as bad as most of the other 261 reviews might want you to believe. (Some of them compare Keanu Reeves's recent choices to those of Nicolas Cage, so they might be driven by some hate). See it if you want a light campy thriller for the evening.

Reviewed by Kumar Naidu 1 / 10

Knock knock most ridiculous movie of 2015

Such a pathetic movie. Watched the movie 'knock knock' because of Keanu Reeves and am so disappointed with the story line and there is nothing thrilling about the movie. What really irritated was Keanu Reeves was like a helpless moron who just couldn't do anything against two teenage girls who go to his home and take him for a ride throughout the movie. Keanu had chances to kick back but instead gets hit by a fork by a teenage girl and gets tied up and that's so ridiculous and finally when you expect some twist you will find that both the girls will bury the so called matrix hero called Keanu Reeves in his own backyard unto his neck and there ends the movie all of sudden...such a waste of money and two hours of precious time.

Reviewed by ILYA KUTUZOV 7 / 10

I want a revenge sequel

I loved Eli Roth immediately after Hostel 1. I knew this man can deal with human nature. I follow his work since then. This feature shows a man taken at his soft spot when he was not expecting any trouble. Sometimes people give in to temptations of much lesser magnitude. He made a wrong decision, he got what was coming. But the ending! Imagine he is an idiot and cannot explain his wife that he was attacked and framed. Imagine his wife is an idiot, did not believe him, took the kids and divorced him. That would be the suggested ending, won't it. What seems to be a moral story leaves an unfinished business. I want to see the architect taking cold revenge. Track down the ladies, think a little, and turn their lives into a living hell. They'd played their game and had had their fun on account of the architect and other people; now they have it coming. Give us the revenge sequel!

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