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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by d_stack04 4 / 10

A horror comedy that isn't scary...or funny

As a frequent cinema goer I can appreciate when a filmmaker tries something new. I like it when a movie takes a risk. But it is called a risk for a reason. Michael Dougherty took some risks with Krampus and while I admire the effort, I didn't care for the resulting product.

Krampus is that movie that tries just a little too hard. Everything feels forced. The comedy. The "scary" moments. This movie desperately wants to be this generation's Gremlins and it isn't. Not by a long shot.

This movie is not without its positives. The actors in this movie do a very good job and I was very close to caring about their characters' fates. But the good acting is wasted on the movie thanks to its clichéd dialogue. And the exception of this would be Conchatta Farrell. She plays the same loud, brash, sarcastic old broad that she annoyed us with for years on Two and a Half Men. I can't help but think that a better actress who could play the type of character they were aiming for, like a Kathy Bates, would have made the character more sympathetic and the movie a little better.

The biggest problem with this movie is it doesn't ever really decide if it's a horror or a comedy. It gets more serious at the end as horror comedies naturally do but by that time you really don't care about these characters. It was a horror movie that didn't make you root for the bad guy per se, but man was I waiting for everyone to die. There are scenes where these people are getting attacked by their toys (yeah, I know. Stupid.) and you can't tell if you're supposed to laugh or be terrified. I laughed at how unterrifying the creatures were but I'm sure that wasn't the filmmaker's intent.

And as for the creatures, once again I appreciate the deviation from the norm and using practical effects, but they are really cheesy and look too puppet-y. First off, we see some toys come to life and attack the family. Sounds like a real scary Christmas scenario. But the toys that come to life are a jack in the box; something that hasn't been under a Christmas tree in about 50 years, a porcelain doll that wouldn't be a suitable gift for ANY of the female characters, and an obviously CGI killer teddy bear. But my biggest complaint is the actual Krampus creature itself. The movie shows you flashes of the villain and even got me excited to see what this thing looks like. Then when they show the Krampus it looks like a prop from a local theater production. At that point, I wish they had never shown him, the mystery would have been way better.

The movie's story is just flat out inconsistent. For a good while you forget about the Krampus completely because of the endless attacks from his minions. You never get any kind of explanation as to where everyone else in this town went to. The grandma character was most frustrating. They used the very annoying foreign language ploy to get more dialogue on the page. As in the character says something in a foreign language, another character asks what they said and yet ANOTHER character translates. See how I just wasted three sentences to explain something that could have been done with one? Yeah, THAT annoying. She also happens to be the living exposition machine. Why is this happening? Grandma will explain after the fact when saying this earlier might have saved a person's life but whatever, I guess. And at the end they kill off about 4 or 5 characters within a matter of seconds. It's as if they realized they had too many survivors at the end and just sloppily had the creature take them out.

The most disappointing aspect of the film is its comedy, or lack thereof. I know how subjective comedy is but you see every joke coming from a mile away like you do this film's jump scares. Maybe it's the Conchatta Farrell thing bothering me still but the jokes feel like they were written by the staff of Two and a Half Men. It's just set up, break, punchline, repeat. They never take advantage of any physical comedy that could come out from a story like this.

Overall, you could see that everyone really tried on this movie but the execution left so much to be desired. I wouldn't recommend seeing this in a theater simply from a financial standpoint. If you're still curious about this one by the time it gets to disc, go ahead and rent it if only to feed your curiosity. No offense but if you're a teenager you might really enjoy this one. I saw plenty of teens enjoying this one and laughing at the jokes I groaned over. So who knows? Maybe I'm just too old for this one.

4 out of 10 stars

Reviewed by mavoro 8 / 10

Good actual horror.

Since no one written a review its on me i guess.

I really Enjoyed the Movie so sorry if i don't really have much negative to say.

The Good:

-Scary scenes are actually scary. (suspence build up pretty well, i liked seeing the "Monster" which I usually dislike in other Horror Movies)

-Krampus is pretty accurate. (And Scary)

-Additions to the old myth are either working well or are too funny to not include.

-Brings the world closer to the real old Christmas we "enjoy" in central Europe.

-Funny half of the movie working well.

-Scary half works perfectly fine.

-Overall pretty good contrast to the rest of the commercial holiday.

The Bad:

-Maybe a little slow on the start.

-Maybe overall a bit too harsh for some viewers. (but no blood or overuse of the F Word, but still pretty scary but the closer the end the more serious it gets with less comedy)

The cinema was pretty much enjoying it some people hated it i guess. But i felt it was quite good and had a good evening.

I would say overall if i wanted to watch Krampus in the very beginning, which i didn't intend to, i would be happy with the actual Movie.

It Keeps its Promises and does very well what it intends to do. Don't expect something like Tucker and Dale, Shawn of the Dead or Braindead more a mix of Jeepers Kreepers and and regular Christmas Comedy, but does this much better. (i disliked jeepers creepers and all this Christmas comedy but liked this)

Reviewed by The Cinematic Mind (TheCinematicMind) 8 / 10

'Twas the night Krampus entered my life and surprised me tonight!

The Cinematic Mind reviews Krampus (Dougherty, USA, 2015) ****/*****

A few days before Christmas, we meet a dysfunctional family who are not getting on very well. A young boy (Emjay Anthony) loses the hope and spirit of Christmas because the holidays aren't the same as they used to be with his family and proceeds to destroys a letter he wrote to Santa Claus triggering the release of a massive blizzard and the summoning of the titular Christmas folklore demon who strikes against the family and it isn't alone.

From 2007's Trick 'r Treat director and screenwriter Michael Dougherty, this is the second holiday themed horror film he has done. This sub- genre is known as the X-MAS Horror! For me, they are very mixed-bag for me! My favourite would easily be Black Christmas (1974) in my life as one of cinema's most underrated slashers of the 1970's with one of the most bone chilling endings in a horror film and Gremlins, enough said. Others include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas Evil and Silent Night Deadly Night (I consider it a little overrated). The potential is huge but also can be a task to handle. However, this is movie besides Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale are the greatest modern X-MAS horror films of recent times considering I was making fun of the title alone and thought it would be TV movie quality. The results altered once the film began.

The setup is a brilliant throwback to the stereotypical mean-spirited family from Christmas Vacation and Home Alone and a great satire on consumerism taking over the holidays with a riot at a Shopping Mall with "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" by Bing Crosby in the background. Ahh! The lost of being vintage and nostalgic. I call glorious irony.

The acting is surprisingly strong. Adam Scott as the classic overworking father, Toni Collette as the anguish wife and David Koechner as the overbearing mean spirited uncle who provide great conflict in a dysfunctional nightmare at each other. Even the child performances not once cringe me at all! Once the characters start to realise what the following events are taking place and coming to learn lessons about the actual meaning of Christmas, I quote I dropped in awe. A celebration gift to all the memorable horror films and Christmas horror films of the 80's/90's.

From Gremlins, The Evil Dead to Poltergeist, Nightmare Before Christmas and one of my favourite scenes, a homage to Rankin/Bass with a back-story of Krampus presented in animation. The comedy is hilariously quotable. Mainly from the cynical drunk great aunt played by Conchata Ferrell. However, it never ruins the thrills of the suspense and creativity of the creatures the film thrown at us. For my universal acclaim, the production design, the music score by composer Douglas Pipes and the practical effects of Krampus and the minions brings to life the dark corners of Christmas in a way I wanted to experience. From the vintage jingles to the chilling suspense pieces. This is an example of me wanting to check out the art of Krampus and resulting in myself in collapsing all over the designs. They took the budget of $15 million and the crew carry out this stimulating picture given on what they had on their shoulders.

However, why do I did prefer Trick 'r Treat still more? Simple! The execution wasn't fully there. Krampus felt underused at times! When Krampus is in it, my mind is blown away in excitement, I wanted to discover the hellish nightmare of Krampus. There might had been a little too much of the minion/toys more than Krampus. There needed to be more set pieces with the character without this disjointed middle. Also, the ending nearly irritated me as it nearly involved one of my most hated cliques in horror history until the rest of the ending happened, it at least never destroyed the ending with the message of the film and what it turns out to be. I wanted a little more than that because I felt it could had a longer runtime. It breathe a sequel that could happen.

Still, I'll consider this during a time where most expensive Horror films are underwhelming unintentional comedies with ugly third rate CGI, Dougherty and his crew decided to continue the practical dream to us Horror fans and brought us a dark and fun early Christmas gift! In conclusion, 'Twas the night Krampus entered my life and surprised me tonight! Merry Christmas and let's hope the force would awake and rise. Tell me what you think of my review.

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