Ladder 49


Action / Drama / Thriller

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John Travolta as Captain Mike Kennedy
Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Morrison
Robert Patrick as Lenny Richter
Billy Burke as Dennis Gauquin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eliason_Collateral10 8 / 10

Climbing, Climbing, Climbing........

Ladder 49 is directed by Jay Russell and stars Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, and Jacinda Barrett. Ladder 49 is the story of Jack Morrison (Phoenix), a firefighter and his life. These are the real heroes of life and it's great to see another firefighter movie, this time in a post 9/11 world.

The movie may look bad from the trailers and it looks like the climax is predictable but the movie is put in a way that keeps you hooked and interested, making it a pleasant surprise for me this year.

Jack Morrison is a firefighter and starts out as a rookie at the Baltimore Fire Department known as Ladder 49 and Engine 33. He goes through the tough moments and the fun moments as a firefighter and starts to love his job and his fellow co-workers including Captain Mike Kennedy (Travolta). They become a family and you see Jack go through his life, his Catholic life (I'm impressed). He learns more, meets a woman (Barret) who he ends up marrying and life is good. Accidents happen though as they go through tough fires. The fire that happens at the beginning is the climax but is gradually explained throughout the whole movie.

Overall, Ladder 49 is a great firefighter movie filled with intense and thrilling fire-fighting action. It's filled with buddy comedy and a good dose of drama too. Again, these are the real heroes of life and the movie well portrays what real firefighters have to go through. Great performances by Phoenix, Travolta, even Barrett and all the other supporting actors. It's one great movie and it shouldn't be missed.

My Rating: 8/10

Eliason A.

Reviewed by SFFFozzy 5 / 10

Words from a dutch firefighter....

I'm a firefighter in Holland and there were really a couple of surprises for me in the movie. If the movie is accurate, the FD in the US is very differently organised. For one, we never enter a building which is on fire without bringing "high pressure" water. Another thing that amazed me, was the respiratory equipment. Ours fits tight around the nose and mouth and you can not see the entire face of each other. But in the movie it's like they are wearing fishtanks. :-)

A stupid mistake in the movie is when they rescue the girl which they have to reanimate. When they come out of the building, they put her on a bed and wheel her into the ambulance---> weird thing, WHERE ARE THE AMBULANCE GUYS????? The start doing the reanimation in the ambulance like it's the most normal thing in the world.

Then there's the incident where the guy falls thru the roof. What the hell were they doing on the roof???? No one was missing and even if there was, you never walk on top of a burning building.

Besides all that, it is an entertaining movie. But it's still not good enough. Is it ever? Maybe I'm being to critical.

I wish all American firefighters all the best. Cause you will need it considering the gear you use. The European outfit is so much saver! Anyway, respect and all the best for 2005.

Reviewed by Ruby Liang (ruby_fff) 7 / 10

The life of a fireman - the sheer bravery is in the simple straightforward delivery of the movie, almost a documentary without talking heads - a family movie alright

For analogy, this is your basic regular American hamburger - not a whopper with added cheese. No spice. Not peppered up. The movie "Ladder 49" is brave in itself that the straightforward script included no foul language, no cliff-hanger action sequence, sappy melodrama or moral preaching. It's telling the life of a fireman as it is through simple everyday vignettes, the rookie fireman, the camaraderie at the firehouse, the family anguish - the profession of a fireman that many of us might have taken for granted. This can very well be a simple telling of the life of a policeman or a soldier in active duty overseas. Unless something disastrous really happens and drastically affects us close to home, we can be unaware of how lucky we are, being able to go about our everyday life, 'safely and peacefully' living in America, with local law enforcement, firefighting emergency services and homeland security efforts available to us.

There are visual effects of fires a-blazing and fire fighting scenes inside and outside of buildings, but there's no dramatic build up to 'glamour' dazzle you like other Hollywood (blockbuster) movies. The initial sequence of the movie suggests a 'hanging' question: will Joaquin Phoenix's character (Jack) survive? But the diverted flashbacks keep our interest: how this rookie fireman came to be a firefighter in action, building a family, the family strife around his dream of a 'riskier' role on Engine 33 team, the loss of lives, the saving of lives. The pace may be leisurely at times and the plot may seem mild to some. We get to see Joaquin Phoenix in a 'lighter' less demanding role (vs. "Gladiator" 2000, "Buffalo Soldiers" 2001 or "Clay Pigeons" 1998). John Travolta is in a supporting role (Captain Mike), giving lightness (smiles) and dignity to the fire chief he portrays.

This is not like "Backdraft" 1991. The apparent danger and risks of the life of a fireman and family is the crux of the storyline. This is a family fare for all - a tribute to the firefighters whose bravery we are grateful of. I appreciate the fact that death is treated as part of life and that we do not go about laying blame on others or beat ourselves up (we learn, stick together and go on). Ah, the firm gentleness in his direction, Jay Russell (who directed "Tuck Everlasting" 2002, "My Dog Skip" 2000) doesn't thrust anything in our face, yet subtly provides short gem moments, and the noteworthy words coming from Travolta, we would remember, won't we?

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