Laid in America


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deniz Taylor 4 / 10

This film is terrible.

When I first heard about this film, its only genuine appeal was the casting of well-known YouTube comedian KSI. I did not however expect this film to interest me in any other way; in this sense, it certainly didn't surprise me.

The acting was relatively weak throughout, from start to finish. Having said that, it was very easy- going and straight forward to watch, making it ideal to watch whenever. It's also fairly obvious this film was not made to be loved by everyone, only people with prior knowledge of KSI's humour. By merely reading the plot summary, anyone could conclude this film was never going to be highlight of anyone's week.

Casper Lee's performance was arguably "cringe-worthy" at best. Furthermore, whilst the plot was never exactly inspired in the first place, the film is so unrealistic in some areas, it draws into question the credibility of it even being a comedy- It's NOT funny.

In summary, it's a short and easy film to watch purely to see KSI's mediocre performance. Aside from this, there are no real highlights in the film. Nowadays, there truly are better films to be watched.

Reviewed by MinistryofDoom 1 / 10

Laid out to Die

That's what should the name of this movie because it's so God awful. It stars two guys from Youtube. Well, hell. I mean if Youtube could give us the Biebs, surely it could give us it's version of Thelma and Louise, Riggs and Murtaugh, Laurel and Hardy, Turner and Hooch....Caspar and Olaji...ummm...KSI, two Brits whose comedic finesse is nothing short of a disgrace compared to the legends of British comedy like The League of Gentlemen, Monty Python, the Mighty Boosh.

In a lot of ways, this movie is like American Pie...but without the babes or the humor or the good actors. I suppose you could say it is sort of like those later direct-to-DVD National Lampoons' movies....but worse. Surely you know what I'm talking about. However, as I think more about it, If I were Caspar or KSI and someone offered me a boatload of money to do a movie, however terrible it is, I would do it too. After all, more money to purchase a new....Lamborghini. B*tch I know you see me! In my Lamborghini!!

Reviewed by obeyjordanedward 10 / 10

Finally, a Movie to Rival ShawShank Redemption

This movie has everything. British people. Scathing social commentary. A hilarious pun for a title. It wasn't until the fifth viewing that my boys and I realized that 'Laid in America' is a play on MADE in America. Once Peter, our youngest, pointed this out, we blew our milkshakes out of our noses. Whatever wordsmith was responsible for such exquisite wit deserves nine Oscars immediately. I'd even say give him ten titles, but I wouldn't want the creators of this gem to get big headed about it.

Even the slogan. "You'll Always Remember Your First Time". That alone tells an infinite amount of stories. That's how layered this film is. First time? First time for what? Sex? That's what the title of the film implies, but how can we really tell? *Spoiler Alert* It was about sex!

Brilliant. Brilliant all over the place.

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